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R&R Shopping Network Giving Away Clean Grade Rosters!!

The R&R Shopping Network can give you a clean grade roster!

In a perfect world, all your registered students would come to class. Every day. Prepared. If, for some bizarre reason, they decided to quit, they would always apologize profusely, write a letter expressing their high regard of your teaching and quietly disappear with their paperwork intact.

At the end of the semester you would be faced with a roster of students whose names you recognized and who had duly earned the grade you gave them. You would be able to fill out your bubble sheet or fill in your 115 screen with no missing grades. No one from the Registrar's Office would call you. Ever.

While QVC can sell you a diamond tennis bracelet for $199 or a silk muumuu for $49, the R&R Shopping Network can GIVE you a clean grade roster. Yes. There are no hidden costs. No shipping and handling. No 800 numbers to call. On May 17 (or thereabouts, we don't guarantee exact delivery day) you can receive a grade roster that only requires grades for students you WANT to grade. Those strangers you never heard of will still be listed on the grade roster but they will already have a grade. You will be able to ignore them the same way they have ignored you all semester. (That always feels good-an unadvertised perk.) Grading will be quick and easy when you don't have to agonize over what to do with a student who never appeared in your class or who did a disappearing act two months ago.

How can you get one of these super duper clean grade rosters? Tune in tomorrow and we'll tell you the secret.

Deborah Benjamin
Registration and Records