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1st Annual FA Family Picnic

Greetings FA members!
Now is the time to purchase your tickets for the first annual FA family picnic. The picnic will take place on Sunday, June 6th from 12-5 at the Burgundy Basin Inn.

Please see the attached flyer for more details. 
You can purchase tickets from any of the FA Membership Committee members. (See list below.) Please purchase your tickets by June 2nd. We will be selling tickets at the door; however, we prefer to sell most of the tickets ahead of time so that we can provide the Burgundy Basin Inn with an approximate number of guests.

We hope you and your family can make it. We look forward to a great day of food, fun and laughs!
The FA Membership Committee:
Marlene Goho (FA Office: 7-205 ext. 2528)
Sonja Lenhard (FA)
Bethany Gizzi (AHPS, 5-324, ext. 3284)
Amina Baaith (Eng/Phil)
Melissa Barbara (Financial Aid)
Susan Belair (AHPS)
Matt Hachee (Eng/Phil)
Jonathon Hollowell (AHPS)
Christopher Inya (Bus. Adm.)
Pat Kuby (Math)
Andrew Morris (Admissions)
Nayda Pares-Kane (AHPS)
Lauren Pivnick (AHPS)
Carmen Powers (Business)
Marjorie Scahill (Public Safety Training Ctr.)
Rajiv Shaw (OCP)
Peggy VanKirk (ETS)
Holly Wynn-Preische (Career Center)

Bethany Gizzi
FA Adjunct Director, Chair of FA Membership Committee