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Alert your students regarding the 'Secret Shopper' Scam!

In February 2020, we posted an article in the MCC Employee Tribune, and the MCC Student Tribune regarding bank card scams that have been taking place in Monroe County. Recently, we have received additional reports from several students regarding a Secret Shopper scam.

Many of these scams have become pretty elaborate, providing detailed instructions on "becoming a secret shopper." The scam sounds like a legitimate job offer, and offers the student the opportunity to make hundreds of dollars per week by becoming a Secret Shopper. Like many of these scams, it entails you depositing a check into your account (that will later prove to be fraudulent), and purchasing gift cards. The victim then sends the scammer the gift card code or photos. By the time the victim finds out the check was fraudulent, the scammer has the codes to the gift cards and the victim is often out thousands of dollars. Please alert your students so they do not become victims of this scam.

If you are approached, or receive an email regarding a similar offer, please contact Public Safety at 292-2911.

Perez, Tony
Chief of Public Safety