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Wanted: Dragon Slayers and Gladiators!

This plea is for everyone who looks good in the ever-fashionable metal breastplate, strapped sandals and short pleated skirt combo.

With our ever-increasing enrollment it becomes more and more important to increase our efficiency in classroom use. Two rooms that are routinely underused are 5-323 and 5-331. We cannot afford to let these rooms stay open during prime time. Someone needs to teach in there. Given that I am going to have to put classes in there, I would like to put in classes that work in those rooms. The rooms hold 52 fixed seats, lecture hall style seating, steep incline, not real cheery. Normally I would not like to use these rooms for classes smaller than 40 but given the dungeon like quality of the rooms, smaller classes would probably be more comfortable in there.

The rooms would be good for classes that like to spread students out for testing, or for classes that do a lot of presentations and would benefit from the 'stage like' setting. Small classes that like to break into groups would work in here. You can't move the seats but if the class is small you have lots of room to separate and regroup. Power point doesn't work well in either room because of the steepness of the seating.

As an added incentive-for the past several years I have been able to put ALL John Paris's Psychology courses in 5-323 so he never had to leave the room. I get a lot of requests from people who want to stay in the same room for back-to-back classes. Here is a great opportunity to make that wish come true!

One last incentive--- all people volunteering to teach in these rooms will be mentioned in my tribute article after classes start and we finish with all our classroom moves. Every semester there are heroic people who sacrifice their own comfort for the comfort of their colleagues and this September I want to start recognizing those people. Here is YOUR chance to be a facilities unsung hero!

If you think 5-323 or 5-331 could work for you, please let me know. Sometimes it pays to get in on the ground floor of an up and coming phenomena.

Deborah Benjamin
Registration and Records