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Governor Cuomo Launches National "Mask Up America" Campaign

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic spreading fast in many states across the country, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo launched a national "Mask Up America" education and awareness campaign to urge all Americans to wear a mask while in public to help stop the spread of the virus.

"New Yorkers suffered gravely when this pandemic hit our state and as we see other states battle the surge of COVID-19, we want to be sure all Americans know what we know here - that it is essential to wear a mask in order to protect one another," Governor Cuomo said. "We can only beat this virus if we are united as one, not divided by ideology or politics. In that spirit we worked with the best and most creative team to deliver this vital message in multiple ways and in different voices - I wear a mask to protect you and you wear a mask to protect me. It is simple as that. Mask Up America."

The campaign includes a series of eight TV public service announcements, the first two of which are available today. All of the PSAs will be available in partnership with the Ad Council for use by broadcast and digital media outlets. The PSAs will air in donated media time and space throughout the country.

Watch "You Have My Respect" Narrated by Morgan Freeman Here

Watch "An Easy Lift" Narrated by Jeffrey Wright Here

Yule, Rosanna
Government and Community Relations