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SUNY Enrollment of 413,000 Sets Record

SUNY Potsdam – State University of New York Chancellor Robert L. King yesterday announced that preliminary enrollment at SUNY for the fall of 2004 is 413,000 students, which would exceed last year’s record level of more than 409,000 students.

“Demand for an education at the State University of New York has never been stronger,” said King.  “At the same time, our campuses are attracting students with better SAT scores and full-time enrollment also stands at a record level and suggests more students will graduate on time. 

“Overall, our campus presidents and their staff are doing a superb job managing enrollment.”

The estimated mean SAT score of students enrolled at state-operated baccalaureate campuses has reached 1,140, a three point increase compared to last year, a 12 point increase compared to the fall of 2002 and a 40 point increase compared to 1998.

Freshman enrollment at SUNY approaches 69,000 students, the largest class in more than two decades, and the SUNY community colleges will see the largest entering class in their history.

"SUNY institutions are fast becoming the first choice of New York state students," said State University Provost Peter D. Salins.  "These preliminary enrollment numbers indicate that our campuses are doing a terrific job at recruitment and retention."

SUNY’s full-time enrollment of 282,967 students is at its highest level ever; more than 5,300 full-time students are enrolled compared to last year’s record.  This continues a trend toward a higher proportion of full-time enrollment and students carrying higher course loads.  This is good news for SUNY as it suggests progress toward timely graduation—more baccalaureate students completing degree requirements within four years and more associate degree students completing requirements within two years.

Cynthia Cooper
Public Affairs