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The Do's and Don'ts of Grading - Part 1

The Do’s and Don’ts of grading are excessive, even by my anal retentive record keeping standards. They are best looked at in small doses so as not to bore you and so I am not forced to write a long article all in one sitting.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with grading. If we could cut out human error, both yours and mine, then we could legitimately blame all our problems on inanimate objects—the scanner, the printer, the copier. The key word here is legitimately because, frankly, I blame anything that goes wrong during the grading cycle on those inanimate objects regardless of who is to blame. I may be in charge of grading but I am only responsible for the things that go right.

We’ll start positively, with a few Do’s.

DO look for your grade roster around December 9-13. Getting the grade rosters run, printed, and distributed is a long process involving several offices. Stating a delivery date is not an exact science.  We try to get the Damon rosters in the mail first as they have the longest distance to travel. Everyone should have their grade rosters by the time classes end on 12/17.

DO be proactive if you have not received your grade roster when all your colleagues have. If you do not receive a grade roster you may use a copy of your 107 screen or your daily attendance form as a grade roster.

Grade rosters CANNOT BE RE-RUN and we do not keep any in our office just to see if you will call looking for them. If you don’t have it and your department secretary doesn’t have it, then it is MIA. Please use your 107 screen or your daily attendance form to turn in your grades. We DO have extra copies of your daily attendance form if you need to use it for grading. Just give us a call or come to the R&R window to pick it up.

More tips tomorrow!

Deborah Benjamin
Registration and Records