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New Process for Submitting Class Cancellations

ETS has developed a new process for faculty to report class cancellations and the notification of these cancellations to students. This process, which will begin with the spring semester, 2004 will result in more efficient and accurate reporting of cancellations for the benefit of our student population.

Through this new process, faculty will be able to report a class cancellation online through the MCC Employee website.  Only those with authorized userids will be given access to screens to input a cancellation.  Inputting a cancellation will take only minutes and will eliminate the need for a phone call to the Public Safety dispatcher.  Class cancellations can be submitted from either on or off campus – anywhere there is access to MCC’s website.

When an online cancellation is submitted, the following will occur:
- Cancellation will appear on the MCC website.
- Cancellation will appear on the LCD panels located throughout the Campus Center.
- An email with notification of the class cancellation will be sent to each MCC student’s email address, for students registered in the class - this process will be new to the students.
- An email will be sent to Public Safety, and a notice will be placed on the classroom door.
- Cancellation will be added to the automated voice mail system, enabling callers to hear current and future cancellations by dialing 292-2066.

Faculty are urged, whenever possible, to use this online method.  If web access is not available from home, Public Safety will, for now, still take phone calls. Faculty members need to continue to notify their department chairs as soon as they initiate a class cancellation. 

Instructions for entering a cancellation are attached to this article.  If you have any questions for entering a cancellation, please call the Help Line, ext. 4357, option 1 while on campus.  If calling the Help Line from outside the college, dial 292-2000, ext. 4357.  

Joan Smith
Communications and Network Services