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On-Line Grading Done Right is a Joy to Behold!

On-line grading is definitely more fun if your grades actually 'take' in the system. There are several reasons that, even after laboring on the 115 screen for hours at a time, your grades may not appear anywhere but on your 115 screen. It's like when they keep swiping your produce over the scanner at Wegmans but the price never registers. (I get kudos whenever I can fit that word into my conversations!)

Reason #1: You left a grade blank.

While you can leave a grade blank on a grade roster bubble sheet and it does not affect anything other than that particular student, when you leave a grade blank on the 115 screen NO ONE ON THAT PAGE GETS A GRADE. Every line on the 115 screen must be filled in for the grades to 'take'. So, if there is a reason you don't want to grade someone, type in "JJJ" instead of a grade. Never leave a grade line blank on the 115 screen. It always comes back to haunt you and your entire class.

Reason #2: You didn't finish grading the entire roster.

I'm proud to confess that I can understand exactly how this happens! I stop in the middle of processes all the time and forget to get back to them. Many of you have been victim to my complex and brilliant room changes gone awry. It's the curse of all creative geniuses...we get distracted by loftier thoughts. Should this happen to you during on-line grading, only some of the students in your class will get grades. It's important to page through to the end of your roster and make sure everyone has a grade.

Besides your constant and exhausting grading vigilance, there is an additional solution to the above problems. If you email me and let me know you graded on-line, I can check the 1G7 screen to make sure all the grades 'took'. If they didn't, I can let you know so you can repair the damage. You can also check your 1G7 screen after you are done grading. If the grades appear on 1G7 they are in the system.

If you ever have doubts about your on-line grading techniques, just let us know and we will be happy to judge and correct your every move!

Deborah Benjamin
Registration and Records