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"Rock the Vote"

MCC students have organized a comprehensive “Rock the Vote” Campaign. The following are the events scheduled for both campuses. Further information on each event will be publicized as the event draws near.

Sept 1-Oct 8    SUNY Challenge: Voter Registration Drive
Brighton Campus: college hours, M/W/F during September; registration tables in Buildings 1 (outside Advising), 10, and 4, and the Flynn Campus Center (Terrace)

Damon City Campus: time TBA, Oct. 4 to 8, registration tables in 4th Floor Lounge

This campus-wide event is part the SUNY Voter Empowerment Challenge, which runs now through Oct. 1. SUNY has challenged its 64 colleges and universities --with over 400,000 students and 28,000 academic and faculty--to get as many of its students, faculty and staff to register to vote. The SUNY campus with the highest number, based on the percentage of enrollment, will receive a campus event on or near Election Day to include a celebrity or artist speech. At MCC, the residence halls of the Alice Holloway Young Commons are competing as well, with the prize being a DVD player for the common area.

Sept. 22        Mock Election
Brighton: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., beside food ticket table at Fall Festival.
Cast your vote in a real voting booth.

Sept. 22        “Good Citizens, Good Consumers?”
Damon: Noon to 1:30 p.m.,  4-151
Christine Plumeri, Sociology, will examine how advertising and the frenzy to buy and consume distracts us from exercising our rights and responsibilities as citizens. Part of the Sociology Department’s film series and discussion.

Sept. 27        The Race for the 28th Congressional District   
Brighton: noon, Forum (3-130), Flynn Campus Center
Michael Laba, candidate for Congress in the 28th Congressional District will speak. US Congresswoman Louise M. Slaughter, D-NY, is invited but unconfirmed.

Sept. 29        Syrus from MTV’s Real World
Brighton: Noon to 1 p.m. MarketPlace, Flynn Campus Center
Sponsored by Campus Activities Board, Phi Theta Kappa, Student Government Association

Sept. 29  “How can the Rochester Community Improve the Quality of Education of City Students?”
Damon: Noon to 1:15 p.m., 4-151

Oct. 4  Syrus from MTV’s Real World,
Damon:  Noon to 1 p.m., 4th Floor Lounge
Sponsored by Student Events and Governance Association (SEGA)

Oct. 5  Comedian Bill Santiago
Damon:, Noon to 1 p.m., 4th Floor Lounge
Comedy with a twist of politics

Oct. 6    Why Elections Matter to the Rochester Community, to One’s Neighborhood and to One’s Personal Life”
Damon: Noon to 1:15 p.m., 4-151
Jeff McCann, Monroe County Legislator, District 19, and Wade Norwood, councilman-at-large for the Rochester City Council, will discuss civic responsibility and the impact that voting makes on a community.

Oct. 11 Candidate’s Forum,
Damon: Noon to 1 p.m., 4th Floor Lounge
David Koon, D-135th District, NYS Assembly, and Joseph Robach, R-56th District, NYS Senate, will discuss the importance of voting and how government works, as well as address questions regarding their party’s platform and issues in this year’s presidential election.

Oct. 13-14      Mock Election
Damon: college hour, Fourth floor lounge
Cast your vote in a real voting booth.

Dianne McConkey
Public Affairs