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DCC Counseling Team Continues to Address Student Stress

In an effort to continue to respond to survey results that tell us that stress is the most overwhelming obstacle that our students face, the DCC Student Services Counseling Team has been posting a weekly article in the Student Tribune.  This is timed to focus on a high stress time of year…approaching finals, and graduation for some. We have provided tips in common areas of concern and emphasized the availability of support through our office.

We hope that you, as faculty and staff who see students daily, will remain attuned to student issues beyond the classroom and refer to your counseling offices when you see the need.  When a student requires care beyond our scope, we can and will refer to outside agencies. Attached are copies of articles that have appeared in the preceding weeks.  If you have suggestions for topics in the coming weeks, please let us know.

Deborah Scott
DCC Student Services