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Geosciences Launch MCC Weather Station

Don’t like the weather?  Just wait five minutes and it will change, OR check out the latest conditions and forecast on the new MCC WeatherWeb!

That’s right.  Thanks to the MCC Foundation, the Geosciences Faculty, and a creative team of people from ETS and Facilities, MCC now has its very own weather station located on the roof of Building 11 on the Brighton Campus.

If you’re afraid of heights, there’s really no need to actually visit the roof of Building 11.  Simply point your browser to "" for current conditions, the local forecast, webcams showing sky conditions at the Brighton and Damon City campuses, links to radar and satellite images, and plots of data at daily, 3-day, and monthly intervals.

If you prefer a more “hands-on” experience, visit our interactive touch-screen kiosk located outside of Room 301 in Building 11.  Just touch the screen to access all the latest data the WeatherWeb has to offer.  While the kiosk and website are still works in progress with several enhancements yet to come, we invite you to check the WeatherWeb daily and bookmark the website for easy access anytime.

While we expect the WeatherWeb to be a convenient public resource, one of the primary objectives of the project is to use the website and data to enhance student learning in several geology and geography courses on campus.  Perhaps you know of a course or context that would benefit as well?

The Department of Chemistry and Geosciences wishes to express its gratitude to the many people involved in bringing the WeatherWeb to life.  In particular, our thanks go to Sean Baker and Roger Miles of ETS, who have worked tirelessly from start to finish on the nuts and bolts of the project.  Other key ETS help came from Donna Pogroszewski, Debbie Smith, and Debbie Watson.  Effective and cheerful support also came from Facilities staff including Jim Coon, Doug Ford, Mark Lagana, and Roger Straub.   Funding for the project was provided by a grant from the MCC Foundation.

Dan Robertson and Steven Perry