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The Damon Lock Box Plan and the Horror of Writing on the Front of the Grade Roster

Grade rosters have started to arrive and, of course, we cannot just sit here and calmly accept them. We have to find SOMETHING WRONG to pick at. It’s just not in the nature of records people to be satisfied. We love to nitpick. It’s part of our charm. Here is our pet peeve so far--

Please remember to make all notes on the BACK of the grade roster and not on the front. Do not add student’s names or make notations by pre-printed names or cross off names or bubble in extra grade bubbles. Any stray marks on the front of the roster cause the roster to reject and no grades are recorded for anyone.

When a roster rejects we lose a day in getting the grades to the students AND, someone in our office has to manually enter all the grades for the entire class. Needless to say, we hate to do that. It’s really boring. Then we have to give the roster to a different person to audit all the manually entered grades on the unlikely chance that we make a typo. The only think more boring than entering 40 grades is to AUDIT 40 grades.

Also a reminder for Damon faculty:

At 2:00 on December 23, the Damon lock box will be moved to the security desk at the Franklin Street entrance. We will pick up the grades in the Franklin Street lock box shortly after noon on December 27. Grades that are put in the Franklin Street lock box after the pickup at noon will not be picked up until January 3. If you are turning in your grades after the 12:00 deadline on the 27th, please bring the rosters to the Brighton Campus for immediate processing. The Registration and Records Office will be open until 4:00. 

Deborah Benjamin
Registration and Records