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The First Day of School is More Than New Shoes

Pending the development of a drug that will cure me of the compulsive need to change everyone's classroom around, you need to safe guard yourselves by checking your 1F5 screens.

As enrollment increases (they tell me this is a good thing), we need to constantly monitor and move classes that outgrow their rooms. When we add new sections we may need to move an already existing section to a different room. Last minute notification of handicap needs leaves us scrambling to find an appropriate classroom and may necessitate moving several others to make it work. The bottom line is, I CAN'T STOP CHANGING CLASSROOM ASSIGNMENTS!

So, over the weekend, in addition to picking out that first day of school outfit and having your picture taken for the family album, remember to check, one last time, your 1F5 screen so you know where you are going. And, if for some totally incomprehensible reason, your classroom isn't working for you, send me an email (or come to my office and see MY new first day of school outfit!) and I'll see what else we may have available.

Let's try to limit the first day of school confusion to the students!

Deborah Benjamin
Registration and Records