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Computing Gives Gifts Twice

At this time of year people often debate about exchanging gifts or making donations to worthy causes.
The Computing team found a creative way to do both and have a lot of fun doing it.  As part of their annual holiday planning, each person drew a name for whom they would buy a gift to exchange at the team's holiday dinner.  The goal was twofold: first:  to select a gift that reflected the personality of the person who was to receive the gift, and second, to select a gift that was a suitable toy for a pre-school child.  At the holiday party,  the gifts were presented and the personalities discussed. Everyone played with their new toys and then put them in boxes.  The toys were then taken to the MCC Child Care Center and presented to the teachers and children. The team has some great pictures and memories and the kids have a whole load of new holiday gift toys!

A Happy Holiday to one and all!

Madeleine Cuciti