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2004 United Way/Red Cross Campaign Launched Today

It is that time again! The MCC United Way/Red Cross Campaign begins today, April 22 and ends on May 10, 2004.

For 2004, "We take care of our own" is again our mission, but here at MCC it is more dynamic. "We Are Taking Care of Our Own." It is you and your generosity that helped over 170 members of our MCC community last year. They were beneficiaries of United Way programs.

United Way of Greater Rochester gives us a vehicle to take care of our own and to improve the quality of life for thousands of individuals and families in need. United Way-funded programs have helped our neighbors and us with the most efficient way of providing charitable support. Now 100 percent of every dollar you donate helps people in need. None of your money is used for administrative purposes.

United Way of Greater Rochester is a local organization and supports more than 300 health and human service providers in our seven county regions. Your support of the United Way makes it possible. By giving to the United Way through payroll deduction, you make a year-round gift that truly changes lives. During the campaign, please pay close attention to the Contributor's Guide and Service Provider & Program Directory. These materials show exactly how your gift improves the lives of others in our community and gives you a contact if you ever need services.

Our goal for 2004 is $90,000. It is the same as last year's. It is ambitious; especially when you consider that we fell short of that goal last year even though we had a record-breaking year of just over $87,000. You have been generous in the past and we know we can reach the goal this year, because you will come through.

Last year, United Way gave us some extra incentive that directly benefited MCC. Our Child Care Center was listed as a United Way designated organization for the first time. Your designated contributions raised over $2,500 for the center. They still need help. Donor designated contributions can be directed to the MCC Child Care Center (ID number 2367). While this will have a great benefit in place of grant cuts, we also ask that you not designate 100 percent of your gift to any one agency. United Way is a community organization and needs your community support as well.

Another reason for donating through United Way of Greater Rochester is their guarantee that we have access to high quality, diverse programs. Each United Way-funded program is carefully reviewed for fiscal responsibility and program effectiveness. They are looking out for every dollar of your contribution. The United Way of Greater Rochester also selects programs and initiatives that deliver the results our community demands. They have classified six community priorities as "Areas of Impact." They are Success By 6, Kids On Track, Strengthening Families, Building Community, Helping Seniors, and Overcoming Disabilities.

The best choice for ensuring that a comprehensive range of programs are supported in each of these six Impact Areas is to choose United Way's Community Fund. It gives United Way volunteers the flexibility to invest contributions where they can achieve the greatest impact.

On behalf of MCC, United Way, and those who will benefit from your generous support, thank you for your gift!

Kevin Foley & Millie Lewis
2004 United Way Co-Chairs