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Goldfarb Joins BOCES 2 Radio and TV Curriculum External Review Team

Barry Goldfarb, associate professor of Communication and chairman of Visual and Performing Arts, has been invited to serve on the external review team for the radio and TV course at BOCES #2 WEMOCO in Spencerport. The team is made up of broadcasting industry professionals who serve as program reviewers. This is part of the assessment process prior to the curriculum being forwarded to the New York State Education Department for Career and Technical Education for final approval.

Goldfarb has been the MCC liaison with WEMOCO for the past five years through two dual credit course offerings.  Many of the WEMOCO graduates have continued their education at MCC. The WEMOCO Instructor Rick Gage who is the broadcasting teacher with the longest seniority in this teaching specialty in New York State.

Barry Goldfarb