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12/17/2009Flags at Half-Staff, Thursday 12/17/09
12/13/2010Crime Prevention Tip of the Month: Safe Shopping Tips
12/13/2007Crime Prevention Message -- Have a Safe and Healthy Holiday Season
12/09/2010Flags at half-staff tomorrow, December 10
12/08/2009Public Safety Crime Prevention Tip of the Month: Holiday Safety
12/08/2008December Crime Prevention Tip
12/07/2009Flags Flown At Half-Staff Today in Remembrance of Pearl Harbor Day
12/06/2010Holiday Safety Reminders
12/06/2006Good Deeds Are Not Unnoticed
12/03/2009Flags To Be Flown At Half-Staff - Thursday, 12/3/09
12/03/2008Incident Safety and Emergency Notification Information
11/29/2010Today: Emergency Preparedness and Threat Assessment Brown Bag workshop at DCC
11/22/2010Flags at Half-Staff on Monday, 11/22/10 for Marine Staff Sergeant Javier O. Ortiz Rivera
11/19/2010Flags at Half-Staff - Friday, 11/19/10
11/16/2009Henry Brown Awarded Certificate of Excellent Service
11/13/2009Civility Workshops
11/12/2008Student Incident, Use of NY Alert
11/11/2009Governor Paterson Directs Flags to be Flown at Half-Staff, Thursday, November 12, 2009
11/11/2009Monthly Crime Prevention Tip
11/10/2010Emergency Preparedness and Threat Assessment Brown Bag Presentations
11/04/2009Flags to be Flown at Half-Staff Wednesday
11/04/2008November Crime Prevention Tip of the Month - Parking Lot Safety
11/03/2010Flags to Be Flown at Half-Staff, Wednesday 11/3/10
11/03/2008Flags at half-staff
11/02/2009Additional Civility Workshop Offered
10/30/2009Governor Paterson Directs Flags to be Flown at Half-staff on Friday, October 30, 2009
10/30/2008Flags at Half-Staff
10/22/2009Flags at Half-Staff for Local Soldier Killed in Iraq - Thursday, 10/22/09
10/21/2009Crime Prevention Fair on Thursday, 10/22/09 to Offer Several Workshops
10/21/2008Crime Prevention Tip of the Month for October: Safe Shopping OnLine
10/19/2010Simulated DWI Event to Help Educate Students - 10/20/10
10/19/2010"Choosing Civility" Author P.M. Forni to Speak at MCC Brighton and Damon City Campuses
10/16/2009Crime Prevention Fair - October 22, 2009
10/13/2008Governor Paterson Directs Flags to be Flow at Half-Staff (10/14/08)
10/07/2010Public Safety Offers Operation Identification Program
10/06/2010College Civility Week (October 18 - 22, 2010)
10/01/20102010 MCC Annual Security Report and Fire Safety Report Now Available
09/30/2008Flags at Half-Staff Today
09/24/2010Flags at Half-Staff on Friday, 9/24/10
09/24/2008Reminder - Recognizing and Responding to Threats of Violence
09/22/2010MCC Public Safety Crime Prevention Tip of the Month
09/22/2008Reminder - Recognizing and Responding to Threats of Violence
09/20/2010MCC Public Safety Partners with Richard Guon Child Care Center for College for Kids Program
09/18/2008Reminder - Recognizing and Responding to Threats of Violence
09/16/2009MCC Crime Prevention Tip of the Month: Securing Your Personal Property
09/13/2010GreenSaver Rideshare Program Update
09/10/2008A Very Happy Student
09/03/2008Recognizing and Responding to Threats of Violence
08/31/2010GreenSaver Rideshare Program: Frequently Asked Questions
08/30/2007John Mallaber - New Coordinator of Operations for Public Safety
08/24/2009Flags to be Flown at Half-Staff: Monday, August 24, 2009
08/23/2010Flags at Half-Staff on Monday, August 23, 2010
08/11/2009Crime Prevention Tip of the Month - Motor Vehicle Theft
08/11/2009MCC Public Safety Partners with MCC’s Child Care Center College for Kids Program
08/05/2009Flags Flown at Half-staff
08/03/2010Public Safety Award Named in Honor of Retired Brighton Police Chief Thomas M. Voelkl
08/03/2010Struble Co-chairs Event that Raises Thousands for Rochester Area Crime Stoppers
07/22/2011Flags at Half Staff on Friday, 7/22/11
07/16/2009Flags at Half-Staff - July 16, 2009
07/14/2011Flags at Half-Staff on Thursday, July 14, 2011
07/14/2009July Crime Prevention Tip of the Month: Cell Phone Security
07/14/2008Director of Public Safety Presents at Regional Conference
07/08/2011Flags at Half-staff on Friday, 7/8/11
06/23/2006Thieves Don’t Take Summers Off
06/17/2010Flags at Half-staff on Thursday, June 17
06/15/2010Flags to Fly at Half-Staff on June 15
06/15/2009MCC Public Safety Recognizes June as National Internet Safety Month
06/10/2011Flags at Half-Staff on Friday, 6/10/11
06/10/2009MCC Crime Prevention Tip of the Month (Stalking)
05/25/2010Civility Forums and Discussions - Today and Tomorrow
05/24/2010Flags at Half-Staff on Monday, May 24, 2010
05/21/2009MCC Public Safety Recognizes May 25th as National Missing Children’s Day
05/13/2009Crime Prevention Tip of the Month
05/07/2010MCC Aims to Promote Peace Through Weeklong Events
05/06/2011Flags at Half-Staff Today
05/04/2010Making Courtesy Common Lanyards
04/29/2009National Crime Victims Week - 25th Anniversary
04/28/2011Flags at Half-Staff Today
04/28/2010Flags at Half Staff for 4/28/10
04/26/2011Flags at Half-Staff on Tuesday, April 26, 2011
04/26/2010Civility Forums Announced
04/20/2007Emergency Plans
04/14/2009Flags at Half Staff on Tuesday, April 14, 2009
04/11/2006Vehicle Break-ins
04/08/2010Flags at Half-Staff on Thursday, April 8, 2010
04/08/2009US Flag at Half Staff for Victims of Binghamton Tragedy - Wednesday, 4/8/09
04/07/2011Flags at Half Staff on Friday, 4/8/11
04/07/2009April Crime Prevention Tip of the Month: Spring Break Safety Tips
03/31/20103/31 Brown Bag Presentation: "Combating Campus Incivility: Making Courtesy Common at MCC"
03/29/2007MCC Public Safety "Officer of the Year"
03/27/2009Flags at Half-Staff (Friday, 3/27/09)
03/24/2010Flags Flown at Half-Staff
03/14/2011Flags at Half-staff, Monday March 14, 2011
03/12/2010Crime Prevention Tip of the Month: Making Courtesy Common
03/12/2009Flags at Half-Staff, Thursday, 3/12/09
03/10/2010Flags at Half-Staff on Wednesday, 3/10/10
03/10/2009Public Safety Crime Prevention Tip of the Month
03/07/2011Flags at half-staff, Monday March 7, 2011
03/02/2009Flags at Half-Staff (3/2/09)
02/27/2009"Emergency Preparedness and Response for the Brighton Campus" - March 11, 2009
02/26/2008Peace Officer Discussions
02/25/2009Flags at Half-Staff
02/22/2010Sign up for SUNY NY-Alert
02/19/2008Safety Reminder
02/13/2009Winter Driving and Safety Tips
02/10/2011Flags at Half-Staff, Thursday 2/10/11
02/03/2009College ID Policy Enforcement
02/01/2010Flags at Half-Staff, Monday, February 1, 2010
01/30/2009Public Safety Transition to Peace Officer Status
01/29/2010Public Safety Crime Prevention Tip of the Month
01/29/2009January Crime Prevention Tip
01/28/2010Flags at Half-Staff, Thursday, 1/28/10
01/27/2011Crime Prevention Tips
01/26/2010Flags at Half-Staff - Tuesday, 1/26/10
01/25/2007An Act of Kindness...
01/24/2011Sibley Building Theft
01/06/2010Flags Flown at Half-Staff 1/6/10
01/05/2009Flags at Half-Staff Today
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