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12/19/2017Thank you!
12/17/2020Denee J. Martin earns CCSP Credential
12/17/2019Thank You for Supporting PTK & the Leopold Daycare Center
12/15/2020Holocaust Survivor Steven Hess to Speak Today
12/13/2017Support our students in Phi Theta Kappa!
12/09/2019Human Rights Day
12/08/2017Eat, Drink & Raise Money!
12/07/2020Help Phi Theta Kappa Sponsor a Child this Holiday Season
12/04/2017Sponsor A Child This Christmas
12/02/2020Holocaust Survivor Steven Hess to speak
11/19/2019Help Phi Theta Kappa Sponsor a Child this Holiday Season
11/16/2018Help Phi Theta Kappa Sponsor a Child this Holiday Season
11/16/2017Sponsor A Child This Christmas
11/13/2020In Punishment We Trust: Mass Incarceration in the Post-Civil Rights Era
11/12/2020Reminder - Phi Theta Kappa Induction Ceremony
11/05/2020Save the Date - Phi Theta Kappa Induction Ceremony
11/04/2020Night Life with Student Life!
11/04/2019Guest Scholar: Sociologist Eric Klinenberg, NYU's Institute for Public Knowledge
11/04/2019NARCAN Training Session Sponsored by Phi Theta Kappa
11/02/2018This is Our Election
11/01/2017Janesville: An American Story with Amy Goldstein
10/30/2019Author Jane Yolen, Featured Speaker for 28th annual Kristallnacht Program
10/23/202029th Annual Kristallnacht Program: Childhood in Black and White
10/16/20203 C's of Communication
10/16/2019Conversation with Alumnus Salva Dut reaches 12K+ students around the world
10/14/202029th Annual Kristallnacht Program: Childhood in Black and White
09/30/2020Night Life with Student Life!
09/27/2018Cameron Kasky, Activist and Parkland Survivor
09/23/2020Leading From Where You Stand by Professor & Director of Veteran Services, Eric Wheeler
09/18/2019Holocaust Survivor Warren Heilbronner to Speak at MCC on Tuesday, Oct. 8
09/10/2018Student Life Fair
09/09/20209/11 Virtual Remembrance Ceremony
09/09/2020Jodi Oriel and Angelique Stevens to Present at local Virtual Brave Spaces: Summit to End Hate
09/09/2020Register to Vote and Vote with Turbovote
09/09/2019Student Life Fair
08/27/20209/11 Virtual Remembrance Ceremony
08/26/2020Night Life with Student Life!
06/29/20206th MCC well drilled in South Sudan
06/25/2018HGHRP to Welcome Back Salva Dut, Present Check to Support Water for South Sudan Tomorrow
05/01/2019Jared Diamond Explores How Nations Recover from Crisis: Tickets available for Scholars' Day Keynote
04/30/2020Scholars' Day Reimagined
04/23/2020Phi Theta Kappa Chapter is among the Top 100 Chapters in the World!
04/23/2019Chinese Character, Calligraphy & Tea Culture from East to West
04/19/2019May 8 Scholars' Day Keynote with Jared Diamond
04/18/2018Scholars' Day Scholarship Recipients
04/16/2018Tonight in the MCC Theatre: Jessica Jackley & Reza Aslan present "Social Change through Social Media"
04/14/2020Kick Back Virtual Bingo
04/12/2018Downtown Campus Scholars' Day Update & Upcoming Events
04/10/2020Kick Back Virtual Bingo
04/10/2019Phi Theta Kappa Spring Induction Ceremony
04/10/2018One, Yes! featuring Leslie C. Youngblood
04/03/2018Scholars' Day '18 Events Hosted on Both Campuses
03/28/2019Chinese Character, Calligraphy & Tea Culture from East to West
03/28/2018If All of Rochester Reads the Same Book featuring The Distance Between Us by Author Reyna Grande
03/23/2020Phi Theta Kappa Receives Distinguished Award
03/19/2020Phi Theta Kappa's Regional Virtual Awards Ceremony
03/10/2020Christian Picciolini Event Cancelled
03/02/2020Good to Exceptional: Joshua Fredenburg
03/02/2020Open House in The Office of Student Life & Leadership Development
03/02/2020Phi Theta Kappa Spring Induction Ceremony
02/11/2020Phi Theta Kappa Honors Betty Stewart
02/11/2020"tell everyone my story"
02/05/2018Abstracts for Scholars' Day
02/05/2018Join Us for the Next Student Life Fair
02/03/2020Student Life Fair
01/28/2020Scholars' Day May 6, 2020 Keynote: Soledad O'Brien
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