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12/20/20102010 FARA Friend and Ally Award Winner
12/16/2009SLN ANGEL Training for Spring 2010
12/06/2005Our Programmed Society
12/05/2007ITC Audioconference - Building Quality: Using QM Standards in Online Course Development
12/05/2006iStream Thoughtful Topics
12/04/2007ITC Audioconference - iTunes U: Podcasting Made Easy
12/03/2008ITC Audioconference - Social Networking for Beginners
12/01/2010Great News for iPod Users
11/24/2008ITC Audioconference - Sustainability: Teaching Environmental Science Online
11/16/2010Free Professional Development Course on iStream
11/15/2011Spots Still Available for ANGEL Training Workshops #4 and #5!
11/13/2006Great News for iPOD Users!
11/12/2012Blackboard Mobile Learn for ANGEL – We Need Your Feedback!
11/12/2010It's Not too Late for Angel Training!
11/06/2012Online Student Retention: Assessing Why Students Stay And Why They Leave
11/05/2013Faculty Innovation Center (FIC) Coverage at DCC for Fall
11/02/2009ANGEL as an Option for Emergency Planning For Your Face-to-Face Courses!
10/29/2010Time to Take Another Look at iStream!
10/25/2013Blackboard – We’re on Our Way!
10/25/2012Saturday ANGEL Training in November!
10/25/2010Exciting News! ANGEL Training Slots Available!
10/24/2005Chronicle Article about Spielberg's Vast Archive of Holocaust Testimonies
10/22/2008ITC Audioconference - Reducing Math Anxiety in an Online Classroom
10/22/2004Peggy VanKirk Presents at Assembly Hearings on Libraries
10/20/2009It’s Not Too Late to Become an Angel!
10/18/2012Evening ANGEL Training Available!
10/18/2011Enhance Your Online Teaching Skills!
10/17/2007ITC Audioconference - Using Rubrics and Online Tools to Guide, Improve, and Assess Learning
10/11/2007Dancing on the Glass Ceiling: Women and Leadership in E-Learning
10/10/2006Quality Matters
10/08/2012Blackboard Mobile Learn for ANGEL – it’s FREE through Spring 2013!
10/08/2008ITC Audioconference - Intellectual Property Rights and Ownership of Online Courses
10/08/2008Sustainability: Beyond Recycling and Green Buildings
10/04/2011Successful Teaching Conference (STC)  2011
10/03/2006Exploring iStream
10/02/2006Survey of Online Student Services Programs - Web Conference
09/29/2004Student Guide to Technology at MCC
09/26/2008ITC Audioconference - Online Program Advising
09/22/2011Updated ANGEL Training Information
09/22/2009Retaining Online Students: A Student Affairs and Faculty Perspective
09/20/2010SLN ANGEL Training for Fall 2010
09/20/2005Mobile Technology Conference
09/19/2007iStream Thoughtful Topics - Blended Learning
09/19/2007ITC Audioconference - "Using Survey Results to Remove Barriers to Student Success"
09/19/2007ITC Audioconference - "Using Survey Results to Remove Barriers to Student Success"
09/17/2003Work Experience Program (WEP) continues at MCC
09/16/2013Yes, ANGEL Training is still available!
09/14/2005Chronicle Updates on Katrina
09/13/2011Time to get ANGEL Trained!
09/12/2007ITC Audioconference - "Second Life - More Fun Than the First"
09/12/2007NACUBO Webcast - "Using Technology at Community Colleges"
09/12/2005Conference on Mobile Technology
09/11/2012Enhance Your Online Teaching Skills!
09/10/2009SLN ANGEL Training for fall 2009
09/10/2007Exploring iStream
09/09/2008Exploring iStream
09/06/2007How to Add Online Videos to Your Marketing Mix
09/03/2013Fall 2013 Faculty Innovation Center (FIC) Hours
08/30/2011SLN ANGEL Training for Fall 2011
08/28/2007Important Message Regarding Online Courses
08/27/2012SLN ANGEL Training for Fall 2012
08/25/2008How to Find an Online Course!
08/12/2005Distance Learning and Students with Learning Disabilities
08/10/2006Another Surprise for Red Wing Night (TONIGHT)
08/03/2010SLN ANGEL Training for Fall 2010
07/29/2013ITC Distance Education Leadership Academy
07/29/2011Saturday ANGEL Training Slots Available!
07/28/2010Exciting New ANGEL Nuggets!
07/26/2005Supreme Court Nominee Has Background in Higher Education
07/13/2007Complying with the TEACH Act and Copyright Issues in Distance Education - ITC Audioconferece
07/13/2005Creative Financial Planning
07/05/2012Exciting News! Summer 2012 ANGEL Training Slots Available!
06/29/2007Mixing it up: The New Blended Canvas for Learning - ITC Audioconference
06/28/200510 Techniques to Change Your Teaching with Technology
06/26/2012Online Faculty Workshop
06/25/2010Online Faculty Workshop
06/22/2011Spots Still Available for July ANGEL Training at Damon!
06/19/2007MCC Presentations at the SUNY Conference on Instructional Technologies
06/17/2008MCC Presentations at SUNY CIT 2008
06/15/2005For Plagiarists, No Veil Over Past Mistakes
06/13/2007Webcast - "Libraries, Coffee & Surfing"
06/11/2013MCC Activities at SUNY CIT 2013
06/10/2011July ANGEL Training at Damon!
06/09/2014Get Your Blackboard Questions Answered!
06/09/2009New Online Tutorial about Online Learning
06/07/2012Summer FIC Information
06/07/2005Chronicle Campuswide Continues!
06/06/2006Chronicle Campuswide
06/04/2009ITC Audioconference - Coordinating and Teaching Biology Lecture and Lab Online
06/04/2008ITC Audioconference - Predicting and Ensuring Student Success in the Online Classroom
06/03/2009ITC Audioconference - Coordinating and Teaching Biology Lecture and Lab Online
05/31/2013Blackboard is Coming!
05/31/2013Summer 2013 FIC Hours
05/28/2014Faculty Interested in Online Teaching
05/28/2013Mobile Learn
05/20/2011June ANGEL Training Available
05/20/2003"Celebration of Success"
05/18/2005Chronicle Campuswide - Feedback Requested
05/15/2007Exploring Virtual Environments for Online Education!
05/14/2008Building Online Student Success (BOSS) Program
05/12/2005Win, Lose, or Draw?
05/10/2006Outcomes Based Design for Online Programs Web Conference
05/07/2014Attention Online Faculty!
05/04/2011Building Online Student Success (BOSS) Program - Summer Sessions
05/01/2008Correction to iStream article
04/30/2008MCC Foundation President Highlighted in iStream - April 2008
04/28/2006Outcomes Based Design for Online Programs - Web Conference
04/28/2004Media Accessibility Workshop
04/26/2011Not Too Late for Evening ANGEL Training
04/25/2012Saturday ANGEL Training in May!
04/24/2014Blackboard Migration Training is about to CLOSE!
04/24/2013June ANGEL Training Available
04/24/2012Improving the Integrity of Online Assessments
04/20/2005Tooth and Nail
04/20/2004Satellite Broadcast - Untangling the Web: Making Online Teaching and Learning Accessible
04/18/2012FIC at Nite Tonight!
04/18/2011What is Microsoft Dreamspark?
04/18/2005MCC's Future Plans in the Fight Against Spam
04/16/2009iStream offers Innovations 2009 Conference Presentations
04/16/2008TLT Webinar - "Cool Tools that Work for Teaching & Learning Online"
04/11/2011Using the Quality Scorecard for the Administration of Online Education Programs
04/11/2005Dynamic Discussion Forums in the Chronicle!
04/11/2005Trout Season is Here!
04/07/2010Fully Online Faculty Training in ANGEL!
04/05/2012Saturday ANGEL Training in May!
04/05/2011Not Too Late for Evening ANGEL Training!
04/04/2012Save the Date:  Online Faculty Event Tuesday, June 19th
04/02/2014Important Notice for ANGEL-Trained Faculty!
04/02/2009ITC Audioconference - The Cheatability Factor
04/02/2008ITC Audioconference - Tips and Tricks for Teaching Math Online
04/01/2008TLT Webinar - "Student-Faculty Partnerships in Technology"
04/01/2005Cool "Stuff" in the Chronicle Online
03/29/2011SLN ANGEL Training for Late Spring 2011
03/29/2005Welcome to the Chronicle Campuswide!
03/26/2003Work and Learn Celebration
03/22/2010SLN Hosted ANGEL Training Workshops
03/20/2014Attention ANGEL-Trained Faculty!
03/17/2011iStream Conference Keynote - Ed Begley, Jr.
03/17/2011MCC Presentations at the SLN SOL Summit
03/17/2009ITC Audioconference - Offering Tutoring Services to Online Students
03/16/2012 "FIC at Nite" and More for Spring
03/16/2009SLN ANGEL Training "Boot Camp"
03/16/2007Reminder - Quality Matters: Quality Assurance in Online Courses
03/15/2013Save the Date! Online Faculty Event Thursday, June 20th
03/15/2012Exciting News! Spring 2012 ANGEL Training Slots Available!
03/14/2014Blackboard Migration Training Update
03/12/2008ITC Audioconference - Strategies to Increase Student Retention in Online Courses
03/10/2009ITC Audioconference - Student, Faculty, and Program Use of Electronic Portfolios
03/07/2007Quality Matters: Quality Assurance in Online Courses
03/06/2008TLT Webinar - "Second Life in the Classroom"
03/04/2010Exciting News! ANGEL Training Slots Available!
02/28/2014Blackboard Mobile Learn
02/27/2008ITC Audioconference - Teaching Early Childhood Education Online with Quality
02/26/2008TLT Webinar - "Developing an Infrastructure for Blended Learning"
02/19/2014Dave Ghidiu Presents at RLLC!
02/17/2003VanKirk Elected to Rochester Public Library Board of Trustees
02/14/2014Blackboard Migration Training Available!
02/14/2012Digital Day at Canisius College
02/14/2011Important iStream Information from the League!
02/14/2007Integrating Assessment Programs with Online Course Design - Web Conference
02/11/2010Building Online Student Success (BOSS) Program - Late Start Sessions
02/10/2012Online Student Retention: Assessing Why Students Stay And Why They Leave
02/10/2011Building Online Student Success (BOSS) Program - Late Start Sessions
02/08/2013"FIC at Nite" and More for Spring
02/08/2007Pioneers of Technology
02/06/2008ITC Audioconference - Trends in e-Learning: Results from ITC's Survey on Distance Education
02/04/2011Exciting New ANGEL Nuggets!
02/02/2009SLN Angel Training
02/02/2007Integrating Assessment Programs with Online Course Design - Web Conference
02/01/2012"FIC at Nite" and more!
01/30/2008ITC Audioconference - What's in a Lab? Online Science Laboratories
01/30/2008TLT Webinar - "Organizing Information within ANGEL Groups"
01/29/2013SLN ANGEL Training for Spring 2013
01/29/2008iStream Thoughtful Topics – Service Learning
01/29/2008TLT Cooperative Webinars Series
01/27/2012SLN ANGEL Training for Spring 2012
01/25/2011iStream Webinar - Understanding the Career Development Process: A Primer for Counselors, Instructors and Staff Members
01/24/2012Providing Comprehensive Student Support Services Online
01/19/2011Spotlight on Mobile Computing: Stories of Mobile Learning
01/18/2011SLN ANGEL Training for Spring 2011
01/14/2008How to Find an Online Course!
01/13/2014Blackboard Pilot 1!
01/13/2011How to Find an Online Course!
01/13/2006Technology's Effect on Teaching and Learning
01/09/2008ITC Audioconference - A Collaborative Approach to Online Student Support Services
01/07/2010ITC Audioconference-Effective Communication in Online Education
01/05/2009Meeting the Higher Education Act’s Requirement for Distance Learning Student Authentication
01/03/2013ANGEL "Boot Camp" Training Workshops A-D during Intersession
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