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12/24/2015Frater Discusses Downtown Campus on TV Program
12/23/2011Watch for ATC's Doug Rivers on TV
12/22/2015Oldham Discusses MCC's Role at Eastman Business Park on Radio Program
12/22/2015TV Report Highlights ATC Training Facility
12/21/2012MCC-Led Job-Training Project Noted in Media Coverage
12/21/2011Newspaper Promotes New MCC Minority Program
12/20/2012MCC-Led Project Wins State Approval for Economic Development Funding
12/19/2016MCC’s Future Educators Empower Today’s Youths to Become Tomorrow’s Leaders
12/19/2008Get the Facts About MCC
12/18/2015Oldham to be Interviewed on Radio About Eastman Business Park Initiative
12/17/2015Tune into TV Segment on ATC Training Facility
12/16/2013MCC Corporate College Offerings Mentioned in Article
12/15/2011WBEE Radio Interview with President Kress
12/14/2012More News Coverage of Downtown Campus
12/14/2011WDKX to Interview President Kress This Morning
12/13/2011Bob Smith to Interview President Kress Today on WXXI Radio
12/11/2009TV Station Covers HSMI Seminar
12/10/20142014-15 MCC Facts Booklets Available
12/10/2012New Certificate Program Gains Media Exposure
12/09/2011Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council Receives $68.8M
12/07/20162016-17 MCC Facts Booklets Have Arrived
12/07/20152015-16 MCC Facts Booklets Available
12/05/2011Get the Latest Facts About MCC
12/04/2012Newspaper Editorial Highlights MCC's Vital Role
12/03/2015MCC Exhibit Spotlighted on SUNY Blog
12/03/20122012-13 MCC Facts Booklets Now Available
12/02/2016New Grant Award for Program Gains Media Coverage
12/02/2009Get the Facts about MCC
12/01/2011TV Station Covers Congresswoman's Visit to ATC
11/30/2010TV Reporter Interviews Honor Society Chapter President
11/27/2012Campbell Quoted in Newspaper Article
11/25/2013Newspaper Covers Talk on Academia-Industry Partnerships
11/22/2010WROC-TV Segment Describes Building 9 Renovations
11/20/2012Striebich Offers Tips for Black Friday Report
11/20/2009Dr. Salvador Profiled on Web site
11/19/2012MCC's STEM Initiatives Highlighted in Trade Publication
11/19/2012TV Station Covers MCC Foundation's Annual Event
11/18/2015Tune in to Hear Radio Interview on Homeland Security Education
11/16/2011Newspaper Covers "Complete to Compete" Event
11/15/2013Academia, Industry to Discuss Value of Partnerships to Grow Local Workforce
11/15/2010Begin, End Your Week with President Kress's Message to the College Community
11/14/2014Program Graduate Spotlighted
11/13/2012Watch Video of President Kress's Message to College Community
11/11/2010Rochester Filmmaker Offers Advice on College, Career Success
11/10/2014MCC Corporate College Course Gains Media Attention
11/09/2010Radio Show Spotlights Gateway to College
11/08/2011"The CEO Hour" Interview with Todd Oldham
11/07/2012TV, Newspaper Report on Democracy Commitment
11/07/2008MCC hosts HVAC/R job fair
11/05/2012ATC Faculty Appear in Videos
11/05/2010Gateway's Prohaska, Program Grads will be Guests on "Rally Around Rochester"
11/02/2010Reminder: President Kress's Message to the College Community
11/02/2009New date for "Ask Anne Anything"
11/02/2009Newspaper Shows Students Getting a Taste of Local Agriculture
10/28/2009Ask Anne Anything: October Session Postponed
10/26/2016Hospitality Students, Food for Thought Featured in Article, Video
10/26/2016Single Stop at MCC Generates Media Interest
10/26/2011Oldham to Speak on Internet Radio About Middle-Skill Job Training
10/25/2012MCC Faculty Mentioned in Event Coverage
10/25/2011Oldham Profiled in Rochester Business Journal
10/25/2010MCC Shuttle Spotlighted in "Go Green" Segment
10/24/2011Watch Video of President Kress's Message to College Community
10/22/2015Article Shines Light on MCC Bridge Program
10/22/2015Coverage of Groundbreaking Event in News Media and Social Media
10/22/2013Reminder: Message to the College Community This Week
10/22/2012ATC's Lasch Among Guests in TV News Show
10/22/2012TV Station Reports on College-Readiness Initiative
10/22/2009Article About Trash Master Appears in Magazine
10/21/2011Food Writer Gives International Fridays Cuisine Thumbs-up
10/21/2010MCC Faculty, Staff to Discuss Ways to Impact Local Economy
10/20/2015Local Officials and Project Partners to Announce the Beginning of Construction on New MCC Downtown Campus
10/19/2012Local Media Announce MCC's National Honor
10/19/2011Reminder: President Kress's Message to the College Community
10/19/2010Odyssey Day Event at ATC Shows off "Green" Vehicles
10/17/2011Dr. Otero Included in Higher Ed Publication's Newsmakers
10/14/2014Watch Video of Message to the College Community
10/14/2013Newspaper, Radio Report on MCC's Industry Survey
10/14/2011Channel 8 Promotes New MCC Minority Program
10/13/2016Business Publication Discusses MCC's Partnerships with Employers, Community Agency 
10/13/2009Roadwork on West Henrietta Road
10/12/2011MCC Cited as Example of Serving Displaced Workers
10/11/2011Article About Federal Aid Program Mentions MCC Student
10/11/2011WXXI Radio Promotes MCC's New Program
10/10/2011Dr. Otero in the Limelight
10/07/2013Dates for Message to the College Community
10/06/2015French Interviewed About Female Student Enrollment in Applied Technologies Programs
10/05/2011Local Media Report on Area's Robust Optics Industry
10/05/2011Save the Date: President Kress's Message to the College Community
10/05/2010YNN Rochester Spotlights Energy Conservation Internship Program
10/03/2014Oldham Interviewed for USA Today Article
10/03/2014Trade Publication Article Mentions MCC's Role in Program
10/01/2009Channel 10 Spotlights MCC, Alice Holloway Young
09/30/2013Large Audience, Media Turn Out for Panel Talk on Race Relations
09/30/2013YNN Video Sums Up Students' Special Culinary Experience
09/30/2011Newspaper Spotlights Dr. Otero
09/30/2010Channel 13 Promotes Internship Program
09/26/2016RBJ Promotes Program Offered Through MCC Corporate College
09/26/2014Radio Airs Interview on New Sales Certificate Program
09/26/2012Labor Secretary's Visit to ATC Generates Media Coverage
09/23/2011TV Media Spotlight Child Care Center
09/23/2009ATC Programs Spotlighted in TV News, on Radio
09/21/2015Optics Program Chair Interviewed About Education, Middle-Skill Careers
09/21/2012Blogger Spotlights MCC Grad
09/20/2016MCC Members Among Nearly 3,000 People at RIT’s Big Shot Photo
09/20/2012MCC at 2012 Greentopia Festival
09/20/2010Clarification: Oct. 5 Event Featuring Noted Economic Forecaster
09/20/2010Media Report About Launch of Early College High Schools initiative
09/19/2016Copies of 2015-16 MCC Facts Booklets Available
09/19/2016WXXI News Report Highlights MCC Optics Program, Faculty's Efforts
09/19/2011Newspaper Posts MCC's 9/11 Photos Online
09/17/2010Noted Economic Forecaster to Speak at MCC
09/16/2016Reminder: RIT Big Shot Event on 9/18
09/16/2010MCC Hosts SUNY Launch of 11 Smart Scholars Early College High Schools Today
09/16/2009Facilities Staff, Vehicle Featured in National Trade Publication
09/16/2009Otero Discusses Education on Radio Program
09/15/2014Local Media Cover 9/11 Ceremony
09/15/2014Oldham Interviewed on SUNY'S TAACCCT Grant Proposal
09/14/2015Copies of 2014-15 MCC Facts Booklets Available
09/14/2015Media Coverage of MCC's September 11 Remembrance Ceremony
09/14/2011Magazine Features MCC Residence Halls
09/14/2010Local Media Cover MCC Sept. 11 Ceremony
09/14/2010MCC Student Featured in Southern Tier Newspaper
09/14/2009Calling All Faculty, Club Advisers
09/14/2009Local, National Media Spotlight MCC Sept. 11 Ceremony
09/13/2016Radio, TV Cover 9/11 Campus Ceremony
09/13/2013Local Media Interview Student Military Veterans on 9/11 Anniversary
09/13/2012MCC Will Have Presence This Weekend at Greentopia Festival
09/13/2011Article Mentions MCC's Role in Manufacturing 
09/13/2011Company Newsletter Features MCC Job-Readiness Program
09/13/2011TV, Radio Cover 9/11 Ceremony
09/12/2012Radio, TV Cover 9/11 Ceremony
09/11/2009MCC Honors Richard M. Guon
09/10/2015English Faculty Member Profiled in Magazine
09/10/2015Newspapers, TV Highlight New Program at ATC
09/10/2014Job-Training Program Gains Newspaper Coverage
09/10/2013RBJ Covers Horizons Program
09/09/2013Channel 13 Spotlights MCC Three Times
09/08/2009TV Stations Cover Move-In Day
09/07/2012TV Report Focuses on Proposal to Train Future Workers in Skilled Trades, Health Care
09/07/2011Article Mentions Interfaith Service Initiative at MCC
09/06/2016Be Part of a Flashy, Radiant Community Photo Event!
09/05/2012Article, Essay in Newspaper Highlight MCC's Role in Workforce Development
09/05/2012TV Stations Announce Arrival of Residence Hall Students
09/04/2014MCC Facts Booklets Available
09/01/2009Calling All Faculty, Club Advisers
08/29/2012MCC Will Repeat as Sponsor of Greentopia Festival
08/28/2009Channel 13 Interviews HSMI Director
08/27/2014Don't Forget: All College Days with Special Guest
08/26/2016Be Part of a Flashy, Radiant Community Photo Event!
08/23/2013YNN's Report Promotes Machining Program
08/23/2011Spanish-language Publication Highlights 3 MCC Programs
08/21/2012Newspaper Promotes Business Entrepreneurship Program
08/20/2013Media Promote MCC's New Course Offerings
08/18/2016MCC Pathways to Optics Careers Highlighted
08/17/2016Copies of 2015-16 MCC Facts Booklets Available
08/15/2014TV News Video on Race Riots Available
08/15/2013Firefighters' Gift Supports MCC Students
08/15/2012Robinson Quoted in Article About Handwriting
08/13/2014Meet Nationally-Regarded Higher Education Leader on All College Days
08/13/2009MCC Student in National News
08/12/2016Tune into TV Segment on Save for Success Program
08/12/2014Article Highlights STEM Initiatives at Area Colleges, Universities
08/11/2016New Degree Program Gains Coverage
08/08/2014TV Program to Air Interviews with MCC Student, Faculty
08/08/2012Newspaper Article Quotes Instructor of History
08/07/2009Calling All Faculty
08/06/2015Newspaper Article Reports on MCC's Plans at Eastman Business Park
08/06/2014Guest Essay Mentions MCC's Workforce Development Efforts
08/06/2010WXXI to Interview MCC's Guimaraes for TV Program
08/05/2013New Certificate Program Garners Media Attention
08/04/2009MCC Facts Brochure Still Available
08/03/2009Channel 10 Interviews Hospitality Chair
08/02/2010Media Reports Promote MCC Course; Students Finish with Green Job Offers
07/31/2013Collaborative Program for High School Students Highlighted
07/30/2014Mark Your Calendars for All College Days
07/30/2013Dr. Ayala Promotes MCC Initiatives on Radio Program
07/30/2012Radio News Includes Report on Entrepreneurship Program
07/29/2015Instructor Interviewed About Optics, Workforce Development
07/29/2015VP Biden Praises MCC for Innovative Job-training Programs
07/29/2014Catch up on WXXI's Coverage of 1964 Race Riots
07/29/2014Oldham Quoted in Trade Magazine Article
07/29/2010Hospitality Instructor Mentioned in Magazine Article
07/28/2010Upward Bound Program Featured in Community College Times
07/25/2016MCC's Efforts in Putting Students on the Path to Financial Security Highlighted
07/24/2012Newspaper Promotes Summer Manufacturing Programs
07/23/2010MCC Student's Story of Giving Back Appears in Community College Times
07/22/2011Announcement of Otero's Award Appears in National E-Publication
07/21/2014Media Coverage of MCC Oral History Project Continues
07/20/2009Facilities' vehicle on TV
07/18/2014WXXI-AM Reports on New Certificate Program
07/18/2012Business Entrepreneurship Program Receives Media Coverage
07/17/2014Community Members, Media Turn Out at First Walking Tour
07/17/2012Newspaper Promotes Multiple Summer Programs in Advanced Manufacturing
07/16/2014AmeriCorps Spotlighted
07/16/2014Dr. Bartkovich Interviewed About "Summer Melt" Prevention
07/16/2012Channel 13 Highlights MCC's Unique Partnership with 1199SEIU
07/15/2014TV Program will Air Interview on MCC Rochester Neighborhood Project
07/15/2010Looking for Photos of MCC League Activities
07/12/2013Kress, Oldham to Join in Radio Talk
07/10/2012Radio Station Promotes Job-Readiness Training Programs
07/09/2014MCC Corporate College Spotlighted
07/09/2012Horizons Program Attracts Local Media Interest
07/08/20132012-13 MCC Facts Booklets Available
07/08/2013MCC's Role in Economic/Workforce Development Highlighted
07/06/2015Mosey Over to High Falls for Live Music and Lunch
07/06/2010Newspaper Column Promotes Upward Bound Program
07/05/2013St. Croix Interviewed on Student Loan Interest Rates
06/30/2015D&C Articles Cite MCC as Source for Labor Market Data
06/28/2013Listen to Radio Interview on New Certificate Program
06/28/2010Media Cover Dedication of Richard M. Guon Child Care Center
06/27/2013Cyber Security Certificate Program Garners Coverage
06/27/2013TV Stations Cover Optics Camp
06/24/2011N.Y. Magazine Publishes Perrone's Essay
06/23/20142013-14 MCC Facts Booklets Available
06/17/2014MCC's Partnerships with Optics Employers Highlighted in Trade Magazine Article
06/15/2015MCC-JPMorgan Chase Collaboration Captures Media Attention
06/15/2011La Voz Spotlights Dr. Otero
06/15/2010Upward Bound Program at DCC Highlighted
06/12/2015MCC Teams up with JPMorgan Chase to Expand Middle-Skill Efforts
06/10/2013MCC Awarded State Funding, Prepares Learners for High-Need Careers
06/08/2016Media Coverage of 2016 Commencement
06/08/2012Congratulations to Class of 2012: Tatyana Chiley
06/07/2012Congratulations to Class of 2012: Nea Sample
06/07/2010New Graduates, Commencement Ceremony Gain Local Media Coverage
06/07/2010Newspaper Column Illustrates Jim Coffey's Efforts with 292-BABY
06/06/2012Congratulations to Class of 2012: Jonathan Roman
06/05/2013College Readiness Symposium Gains Media Coverage
06/05/2013Commencement Garners Media Coverage
06/05/2012Congratulations to the Class of 2012: Timothy Gaura
06/05/2012Media Spotlight 2012 Graduates
06/05/2012Relive MCC's 2012 Commencement
06/05/2009Rochester AmeriCorps Featured in Local Newspaper
06/02/2014MCC Mentioned in Article on Apprenticeship Programs
06/01/2016Copies of 2015-16 MCC Facts Booklets Available
06/01/2015Copies of 2014-15 MCC Facts Booklets Available
06/01/2015Hospitality Management Chair Interviewed for RBJ Article
06/01/2011Fire Training Grounds Highlighted in Trade Magazine
05/31/2011Memorial Mass Scheduled for Eddy Callens
05/30/2014Save the Date: All College Days on Aug. 27-28
05/29/2013WXXI News Reports on New Machining Program, Jobs Outlook
05/27/2015President's Wednesday Message
05/27/2009Garden Project Featured on Channel 13
05/26/2009Business Journal Looks at MCC's Optical Systems Technology Program
05/21/2013Reminder: 2012-13 MCC Facts Available Online
05/20/2016Student Interviewed for Article About Grads' Job Prospects
05/18/2015MCC student highlighted in newspaper article Webster man competes to build NASA Rovers
05/17/2012Service-Learning Class Project Featured on Front Cover
05/17/2010Media Cover "Enough is Enough" Anti-violence Campaign
05/17/2010TV Report Examines Cyberbullying
05/16/2011Channel 8 Segment Spotlights Greenhouse
05/16/2011Nationally Syndicated Radio Program Mentions MCC
05/13/2015Radio Station's Interview About Black Male Achievement
05/13/2010"Along the Silk Road" Event in National Higher Ed Publication
05/12/2009Hospitality Group's Experience in Bahamas Spotlighted in National Magazine
05/11/2016Radio Segment Previews Conference on Information Technology
05/11/2011HSMI's Rossi Discusses Workplace Violence on YNN
05/11/2011Perrone's Guest Essay Published in Local Newspaper
05/09/2014Essential Discussion Draws Media Attention
05/09/2014Save the Date: All College Days on Aug. 27-28
05/09/2011Sen. Gillibrand Visits Sibley Building to Promote Jobs for Urban Youths
05/08/2015MCC Scholars' Day Promoted
05/07/2009Crash Re-enactment at MCC on Channel 13
05/06/2015Newly-Inducted Honor Society Member Spotlighted
05/06/2014New Certificate Program Highlighted
05/06/2011Perrone's Opinion Piece Appears in National Trade Publication
05/05/2010Retiring Criminal Justice Professor Featured in Local Publication
05/05/2009Article About Center for Active Learning at DCC Appears in Community College Week
05/05/2009Bob Lasch, ATC Featured on News 10NBC
05/03/2012Channel 8 Recognizes Women in HVAC Programs
05/02/2016Faculty, Staff Volunteers Sought for Downtown Campus Photo Shoot
05/01/2013MCC-Led Project Gains Coverage in D&C
04/30/201213WHAM News Reports on Growing Number of Female HVAC Students
04/30/2012Channel 10's Coverage of "Stand Against Racism" Rally at MCC
04/30/2010MCC Students Honored
04/30/2010Newspaper Article Mentions Gateway to College Program
04/30/2009Newspaper Covers MCC-sponsored Forum
04/29/2009AmeriCorps Members Interviewed on R News
04/27/2017MCC Awarded $550,000 Federal Grant to Strengthen Regional Optics, Photonics Workforce
04/27/2016Student-organized Conference Garners TV Coverage
04/27/2012Article on "Stand Against Racism" Includes MCC's Events
04/27/2012TV Report About Manufacturing Jobs Mentions MCC
04/27/2011Newspaper Article Mentions MCC's Role in EMS Training
04/26/2012La Voz Features President Kress
04/26/2010Ask Anne Anything: Final Session
04/26/2010National Media Outlet Promotes MCC Partnership
04/24/2009Bartell Interviewed About Healthy Cooking on Web Site
04/23/2015WXXI Interview with Kress to Air Thursday, 4/23
04/23/2014Michele Norris' Presentations Generate Media Coverage
04/23/2013Competition at MCC Draws 130 High School Students, Newspaper Coverage
04/21/20142013-14 MCC Facts Booklets Available
04/20/2011Higher Ed Article Quotes HSMI Director
04/20/2010Hundreds Attend "Along the Silk Road"
04/19/2016MSNBC TV Broadcasts Live from ATC on Friday
04/19/2010Newspaper Article Identifies Pre-Collegiate Programs
04/16/2013Cover Story in National Higher Ed Publication Focuses on MCC
04/16/2010E-Newsletter Full of MCC News
04/15/2016MSNBC TV to Broadcast Live from ATC on Friday
04/14/2016Two Articles in Trade Publication Mention MCC
04/13/2010Monshipour Discusses "Silk Road," Culture, History in Radio Program
04/10/2015Rochester AmeriCorps Spotlighted
04/09/2014WXXI Interview with Kress to Air Thursday
04/09/2010Monshipour will be Monday's guest on WXXI's 1370 Connection
04/08/2016News About T-TEN Program Generates Media Interest
04/08/2010MCC, Community Members to Participate in Violence Prevention Training at DCC
04/06/20152014-15 MCC Facts Booklets Available
04/06/2010Ask Anne Anything: Final Session
04/06/2010Brighton-DCC Shuttle Service Coming
04/05/2017Article Looks at Regional Workforce Training, Potential Impact of Proposed Federal Budget
04/04/20162015-16 MCC Facts Booklets Available
04/04/2016MCC-Toyota Event Set for April 6 at ATC
04/04/2013News Media Outlet Reports on Anti-Violence Program
04/04/2011Channel 10 Covers High-Tech Expo
04/04/2011Plumeri to Discuss MVP curriculum on WXXI
04/03/2017Copies of 2016-17 MCC Facts Booklet Available
04/02/2015MCC Report Mentioned in Newspaper Article
04/02/2014National Trade Publication Interviews Oldham
04/01/2011YNN Covers High-Tech Expo
03/31/20142013-14 MCC Facts Booklets Available
03/31/2014Upward Bound Program Director Interviewed
03/31/2010Newspaper Column Promotes MCC, "Along the Silk Road" Event
03/30/2012Media Cover East High College Readiness Project
03/29/2010Ask Anne Anything: Final Session
03/28/2016Job Fair at DCC Garners Media Coverage
03/28/2013Watch Video of President Kress's Message to College Community
03/27/2014Newspaper Article Examines Local Skills Gap Issue, Highlights MCC's Efforts
03/27/2009Job fair at DCC draws TV news crews
03/26/2013MCC's Partnership with RECIHS Gains Media Coverage
03/26/2010Job Fair at DCC Draws TV Coverage
03/26/2009DCC Appears on 13WHAM's Bright Spot
03/25/2015100 High School Students, Media Attend STEM Day
03/25/2015MCC Student Interviewed About "SUNY Speaks Up!"
03/25/2015Newspaper Article Mentions MCC Corporate College Course
03/25/2013Kress to Present Message to the College Community Today
03/25/2011TV Stations Cover Job Fair at DCC
03/24/2014Watch Video of Message to the College Community
03/24/2010MCC, MCC Foundation Support the Success of East High Culinary Students
03/23/2015E-book Continues to Attract Media's Attention
03/23/2012Democrat and Chronicle Covers Job Fair at DCC
03/23/2011Reporter Speaks to Students who Commit to Complete College
03/22/2016Channel 8 News Reports on Leadership Conference
03/22/2013Broadcast Media Cover Job Fair at DCC
03/22/2012TV Station Promotes Job Fair at DCC
03/21/2016MCC-Toyota Event Set for April 6 at ATC
03/21/2011Lasch Promotes ATC Programs, Event on Radio Show
03/20/2015Job Fair at DCC Gains Media Coverage
03/20/2014MCC Food Pantry Gains Media Attention
03/19/2015Watch Video of Message to the College Community
03/19/2014Article on Corning Inc. Mentions MCC
03/19/2014Education Department Chair Quoted in Article on Common Core Standards
03/19/2013TV, Newspaper Report on Skills Needs Survey
03/19/2012Graduates of MCC Course Receive Media Coverage
03/18/2016Optics Faculty Interviewed for Reaction to Photonics News
03/18/2013Listen to Interview on MCC's Vision for Downtown Campus
03/18/2013WXXI Radio Promotes Violence Prevention Program
03/17/2011Radio Show to Discuss Precision Machining Programs and Manufacturing Jobs
03/16/2011Guest Essay About HSMI Appears in Newspaper
03/15/2010Ask Anne Anything
03/13/2013Interview with Kress to Air Sunday
03/12/2010MCC Chapter, Advisor Earn Phi Theta Kappa Regional Awards
03/11/2013Reminder: Message to the College Community Scheduled
03/10/2016Services Set for Richard Schroedel
03/10/2015RBJ Interviews Oldham About MCC's E-book
03/09/2011Cover Story Focuses on MCC's Workforce Efforts
03/08/2010Newspaper Editorial Describes MCC's Success with Res Halls
03/06/2012Newspaper Feature Spotlights Director of Housing and Residence Life
03/05/2015Accelerated Tooling Program Spotlighted
03/05/2009Kristy Mooney Graves appears in newspaper article
03/04/2016CSTEP/STEP Director Profiled in Magazine
03/03/2016Students' Bottled Water/Fund Drive Garners Media Coverage
03/02/2010Available Now: Summer/Fall 2010 Class Schedule Information & Registration Guide
03/01/2012Watch Video of President Kress's Message to College Community
03/01/2010Doorway to Success Program, Participants Gain Newspaper Coverage
02/28/2011Messenger Post Newspapers Highlight Course at PSTF
02/28/2011President Kress's Message to the College Community
02/27/2012Reminder: President Kress's Message to the College Community
02/26/2010MCC Named to Presidential Honor Roll for Community Service
02/26/2009Center for Active Learning at DCC Featured in National Publication
02/25/2013Dates for Message to the College Community
02/24/2011Sunday is Final Day of Mercer Gallery Exhibit
02/24/2010Ask Anne Anything
02/23/2012Career Coach Continues to Gain Media Attention
02/22/2013Job Fair at MCC Generates Media Coverage
02/20/2013Cover Story Recognizes MCC's Workforce Development Role
02/18/2014Media Attend MLK Day Celebration
02/18/2009Two Staff Members Featured in Newspaper
02/17/2014Upcoming MCC Colloquium is Focus of RBJ Article
02/17/2011YNN Promotes MCC Course
02/16/2012Coffey Interviewed About Future of DCC
02/16/2010Justice Smith Featured on National Publication's Web Site
02/15/2011Get the Latest Facts About MCC
02/15/2011Time Change: President Kress's Message to the College Community
02/14/2012Career Coach Gains Media Coverage
02/13/2012President Kress's Message to the College Community
02/13/2009MCC STEP Youths Give Presentation on Genesee River to City Officials
02/10/2015Cover Story Highlights Auto Tech Program
02/10/2011Don't Miss an Arts-Filled Weekend
02/09/2011Make Collage in College?
02/09/2010Justice Smith Spotlighted in Newspaper Article
02/09/2009Former Rochester Mayor’s Talk Kicks off Black History Month at MCC
02/08/2012Doug Rivers Interviewed for Segment on Hybrid Vehicles
02/08/2011Health Professions Chair, Automotive Technology Program Student and Staff Member Quoted in Article
02/08/2011President Kress's Message to the College Community
02/08/2011WXXI-TV Report Includes Interview with Kathy Farrell
02/07/2017Copies of 2016-17 MCC Facts Booklet Available
02/07/2011Sit Back and Enjoy Nonstop Reading of African-American Works
02/06/2013Local Newspaper, Radio Station Report on ATC's Solar Initiatives
02/04/2015Cover Story Focused on Optics Program
02/04/2011First Friday at Mercer Gallery Tonight
02/04/2011In Radio Program, Phi Theta Kappa Member Discusses His Role in City School Program
02/04/2011Kathy Farrell to Appear in TV News Program
02/03/2010WXXI Spotlights MCC's Role in Training Students
02/02/2016MCC Corporate College Efforts Highlighted in Article
02/02/2011A Chance to Meet Artist Robert Freeman
02/02/2011Democrat and Chronicle Reporter Promotes Mercer Gallery Exhibit
01/31/2011Optical Technology Program Receives TV Coverage
01/30/2013Local Newspaper Highlights HSMI Course
01/30/2012TV Report Highlights MCC's Partnerships with Businesses
01/28/2015Adjunct Faculty Discusses Unmanned Aerial Systems on Radio
01/28/2013Media Attend Public Information Session
01/28/2011Radio Program to Feature Phi Theta Kappa Project and Chapter Member
01/28/2009Work Experience Program adviser featured in column, video
01/27/20162015-16 MCC Facts Booklets Available
01/27/2016Oldham Interviewed About Skills Gap, Eastman Business Park Initiative
01/27/2011Channel 10 News Spotlights Art Exhibit
01/27/2010MCC Partners With RCSD, St. John Fisher on Early College High School Initiative
01/26/2015FAME Event Highlights How Industry, Education Work Together
01/26/2015MCC Mentioned in Article About Mechatronics
01/24/2017Article in National Higher Ed Publication Mentions MCC's Job-training Efforts
01/24/2013HSMI Course Gains Interest from Media, Community
01/24/2011Get the Latest Facts About MCC
01/23/2017Copies of 2016-17 MCC Facts Booklet Available
01/23/2014Coming This Weekend: TV News Program to Promote MCC Course
01/23/2013Oldham Interviewed for WXXI Segment on Advanced Manufacturing
01/22/2015Global Magazine Spotlights MCC's Optics Program
01/22/2013CCTE Initiative Lands on Cover of National Higher Ed Publication
01/22/2013Reminder: 2012-13 MCC Facts Booklets Available
01/21/2009Get the Facts about MCC
01/20/20152014-15 MCC Facts Booklets Available
01/19/2016LPP Director Spotlighted on TV News Show
01/19/2011Newspaper Article Cites HVAC/R, Radiologic Technology Programs
01/18/2011WROC-TV's 'Go Green' Segment Highlights HVAC/R Course
01/16/2014Media Publicize Human Services Certificate Program
01/15/2010MCC's Distance Learning Mentioned in National Higher Ed Publication
01/14/2009AmeriCorps Director Marilyn Rosche in TV Interview
01/13/2015FAME Event Highlights How Industry, Education Work Together
01/13/2009Dean Dianna Phillips Promotes MCC, Industry in TV News Program
01/12/2009292-BABY executive director featured
01/12/2009New center for active learning at DCC holds open house
01/11/2013Radio News Show Spotlights DCC-Based Program
01/11/2012SUNY Chancellor's State of the University Address Available Online
01/06/2016Optics Faculty Shares 2016 Goals
01/06/2014Brighton Campus Map Updated
01/05/20162015-16 MCC Facts Booklets Available
01/05/20152014-15 MCC Facts Booklets Available
01/03/2017Copies of 2016-17 MCC Facts Booklets Available
01/03/20132012-13 MCC Facts Booklets Now Available
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Show details for Holly Cicconi-Eggleston, Human Resource;Holly Cicconi-Eggleston, Human Resource;
Beth Laidlaw, English and Philosophy;
Dolores Pasto-Ziobro and Karen Chin, Internal Audit
Show details for Holly Cicconi-Eggleston, Human Resoures, Beth Laidlaw, English and Philosopy, Dolores Pasto-Ziobro Internal AuHolly Cicconi-Eggleston, Human Resoures, Beth Laidlaw, English and Philosopy, Dolores Pasto-Ziobro Internal Audit, Karen Chin, Internal Audit
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