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10/31/2013 - Adjunct Faculty Supper for Success: Wednesday, November 13Jonathan Iuzzini
10/31/2013 - ADV 124 Workshop:  Dynamics of Advising Veteran Students Michele Vitale
10/31/2013 - Anita L. Pelletier ’88, MCC Alumni Hall of Fame InducteeKaren Shaw '78 & Mark Pastorella '90
10/31/2013 - Celtic Society Wishes You a Happy Halloween and a Blessed SamhainJeffery Jones
10/31/2013 - Curriculum Postings for Faculty Review  Charlotte Downing
10/31/2013 - DCC Bookstore's Annual Scavenger HuntEtienne Blaakman
10/31/2013 - It’s Candy Land in Reflections next Tuesday!Diane Cheasty
Attachment Icon10/31/2013 - MCC's Open House - Department InformationBecky Babcock
10/31/2013 - November First Fridays This WeekJeff Bartkovich
10/31/2013 - Show Me The Money! (Part 3) Learn more about hot careers that pay good moneyIvonne Ponicson and Trelawney Seldon
10/30/2013 - ADV 126 Workshop:  Introduction To The Career And Transfer Center ServicesMichele Vitale
10/30/2013 - Brennan-Barry Presents on Web Project Management CommunicationCynthia Cooper
10/30/2013 - Community Fridays for a CauseMartha Maher-Garcia
10/30/2013 - Manners are the Golden RuleCourtney Sprague
10/30/2013 - New! Visitor Parking Lot V to be Open on Friday, November 1st Debra Dwyer
Attachment Icon10/30/2013 - Open Enrollment for Supplemental Retirement Accounts (403b's) is in NovemberThe Human Resources Team
10/30/2013 - Reminder:  President's October and November Birthday Celebration and ConversationLori Scipioni
Attachment Icon10/30/2013 - Study in Italy Next Summer!Drew Lawrence
10/29/2013 - Ask Tech Support Pat Murphy-Golden
10/29/2013 - Command Sergeant Major Victor A. Gomez '90, MCC Alumni Hall of Fame InducteeKaren Shaw '78 and Mark Pastorella '90
10/29/2013 - Help: Adult Students are Entering CollegeBill Sigismond
10/29/2013 - Horror in the Hebrides Jeffery Jones
10/29/2013 - Kudos to Health Services for Their Commitment to Maintaining Student Enrollment!Susan D. Baker, Ph.D.
10/29/2013 - MCC Students Not Scared to BEE Smart!Patricia Kennedy
10/29/2013 - Resident Assistants Needed For The Spring Semester!Monica Singleton
Attachment Icon10/29/2013 - Support the Spanish Club in their Clothing Garage Sale FundraiserShirley Batistta-Provost
10/29/2013 - Surplus College Property Available for Public Auction Patrick Bates
Attachment Icon10/29/2013 - The Honors Institute to explore Geometry in the Service of Religion Paul D'Alessandris
10/28/2013 - A New Opportunity for Incoming StudentsMatt Fox
10/28/2013 - Assisting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the College ClassroomAmber Kallassy
10/28/2013 - Culinary Highlights for the Week of October 28, 2013Debra Defilipps
Attachment Icon10/28/2013 - Enriching Advisement: The Workshop Series Calendar - November 2013Michele Vitale
10/28/2013 - Even Ghouls Have to Eat — Halloween Lunch at Reflections Restaurant!Diane Cheasty
Attachment Icon10/28/2013 - Financial Aid Application Workshops for NovemberRamon L. Rodriguez
10/28/2013 - Healthy Lunch Ideas at the BookstoreJenna Keefe
Attachment Icon10/28/2013 - MCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting Minutes 10.11.13 & 10.18.13Catherin
Attachment Icon10/28/2013 - MCC Student Government Association Senate Meeting Agenda Lisa Truman
10/28/2013 - New Advisement Workshop: The WRITE Placement - Ensuring Effective English Placement for MCC AdviseesMichele Vitale
Attachment Icon10/28/2013 - Save the DateDelia H. Rhodes
10/28/2013 - Single Sign On Comes to the SUNY PortalWilliam Wagoner
10/28/2013 - TCC Conversation: Using an ALE Classroom EffectivelyJonathan Iuzzini
10/28/2013 - Teaching Tips from Your TCCJulie Damerell
10/28/2013 - The “What Happened to the Class of 2012?” Report Is Now Available Mary Ann Matta DeMario
10/25/2013 - Blackboard – We’re on Our Way!Peggy VanKirk
Attachment Icon10/25/2013 - Call for Nominations - SUNY Chancellor's Awards for Excellence Human Resources Team
10/25/2013 - Child Care Center FundraiserMolly Cupello
10/25/2013 - Community Fridays for a Cause - October DonationMartha Maher-Garcia
10/25/2013 - Excellus Quit For Life Program Offered at Damon City CampusThe MCC Wellness Team
10/25/2013 - Having Trouble Submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune?Cynthia Cooper
10/25/2013 - Internationalization Kick Off: Save the DateHolly Wheeler
Attachment Icon10/25/2013 - MCC Student Government Association Senate Meeting Minutes Lisa Truman
10/25/2013 - Meet with the President - Brighton Campus Office HoursSheila M. Strong
Attachment Icon10/25/2013 - New Course:   HPR 101: Multicultural & Diversity Issues in Healthcare & EducationKrista Rodriguez
10/25/2013 - Upward Bound- Helping Create a Presence in the SchoolsCarmelita Brown-Wallace
10/24/2013 - ADV 200 Workshop:  Developmental Advising TheoryMichele Vitale
10/24/2013 - Curriculum Postings for Faculty Review  Charlotte Downing
10/24/2013 - Free Flu Clinic for Students TodayJeanne Flanagan, RN, BSN
10/24/2013 - Homeland Security Management Institute Launches Academic CoursesJohn Perrone
10/24/2013 - Mark McBride Presents at SUNY GeneseoTerry Keys
10/24/2013 - Passing of Bernice Karolinski, Mother of Naomi KarolinskiMichael J. McDonough
10/24/2013 - Show Me The Money! (Part 2) Learn about hot careers that pay good moneyIvonne Ponicson and Trelawney Seldon
10/24/2013 - Universal Design: Five Steps to Make Your Course AccessibleJulie Damerell
10/24/2013 - "Ask ETS" - Save the Date!Terry Keys
Attachment Icon10/23/2013 - AAWCC Thanksgiving Food DriveCourtney Sprague
10/23/2013 - ADV 108 Workshop:  Interpreting High School TranscriptsMichele Vitale
10/23/2013 - Be Included in Spring 2014 Orientation Information PacketsCatherine Higgins
Attachment Icon10/23/2013 - How Do I Protect the Information on My Smartphone?Donna Pogroszewski
10/23/2013 - Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer ScholarshipJodi Oriel
10/23/2013 - Making Healthy Choices in Relationships & NutritionSue George, RN
10/23/2013 - MCC Corporate College Learning and Development Solutions GuideTodd Oldham, Vice President
Attachment Icon10/23/2013 - MCC Facility NamesCynthia Cooper
10/23/2013 - President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress
10/23/2013 - Vera Bradley Sale Today Only Jenna Keefe
10/23/2013 - Veterans Appreciation Week: Nov. 11-15Holly Wheeler
10/23/2013 - WPXY Live Radio Broadcast From 10-Noon Today!Randy Bowen
10/22/2013 - A Scholars' Day InvitationMichael Ofsowitz
10/22/2013 - Ask Tech Support Pat Murphy-Golden
Attachment Icon10/22/2013 - Blurred Lines at DCC- Standing Room Only!Kim McKinsey-Mabry, Interim Dean
10/22/2013 - Damon City Campus College Transfer FairJoanna Waters
10/22/2013 - Have You Seen the Pumpkins on Campus?Sally Dingee and Toni Robbins
10/22/2013 - News from the MCC Board of Trustees Meeting Cynthia Cooper
10/22/2013 - Palmer and Dorsey Present at National ConferenceShelley Fess
10/22/2013 - Reminder: Message to the College Community This WeekHency Yuen-Eng
Attachment Icon10/22/2013 - September Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes Heather Murphy
10/22/2013 - Sharon Marini to Lead Safety-Hazard Prevention OfficeDebra Dwyer
10/22/2013 - Success for Multicutual Recruitment InitiativesMelissa M Santiago
10/22/2013 - Tomorrow: Medaille College Day at MCCChristyn Sanagursky
10/22/2013 - Visiting Writer Mary Ruefle to Present for Creative Arts Committee’s 2013-14 Creative Reading SeriesTony Leuzzi
Attachment Icon10/21/2013 - Avalone’s Book Review Published in Planning for Higher Education JournalHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
10/21/2013 - Campus Sustainability DayMaragret Whelehan
10/21/2013 - Mark McBride Presents at Educause 2013Terry Keys
Attachment Icon10/21/2013 - MCC Student Government Association Senate Meeting Agenda Lisa Truman
Attachment Icon10/21/2013 - Nazareth College - Communication Sciences and Disorders ProgramRebecca Mack
10/21/2013 - Oktoberfest 2013Debra Defilipps
10/21/2013 - President Kress and Bob LonsberryCynthia Cooper
10/21/2013 - Student Services Division Goes GreenG. Christopher Belle-Isle
10/21/2013 - Sustainability Day: Opportunity to Recycle Books & TextilesJenna Keefe
10/18/2013 - 2013-2014 Faculty Advisor Handbooks Available Michele Vitale
10/18/2013 - Fun Friday sale at the bookstoreJenna Keefe
10/18/2013 - Passing of Joella Rand, Mother of Craig RandMichael J. McDonough
10/18/2013 - Show Me The Money! Help students learn more about hot careers that pay good moneyIvonne Ponicson and Trelawney Seldon
10/17/2013 - Celebrate the Hockey Season at Reflections RestaurantDiane Cheasty
10/17/2013 - Curriculum Posting for Faculty Review Charlotte Downing
10/17/2013 - DOMA Decision InformationHuman Resources Team
10/17/2013 - Lomax Campbell selected for Forty Under 40 AwardAnne M. Kress
Attachment Icon10/17/2013 - MCC Student Government Association Senate Meeting Minutes Lisa Truman
10/17/2013 - Message to the College Community: Another Date ChangeCynthia Cooper
10/17/2013 - Professional LeavesMark Sample
10/17/2013 - Reminder: Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching Nomination Deadline is Friday, October 18Human Resources Team
10/17/2013 - Salute to Excellence: Special Ticket Rate for MCC Faculty/StaffGretchen D. Wood
10/16/2013 - A Symposium Sponsored by the MCC Mathematics Department– College Math Readiness: Building a Strong FoundationAimee Calhoun
10/16/2013 - Boss's Day is Today! Need a Gift? Jenna Keefe
Attachment Icon10/16/2013 - Branding Update: Official Letterhead Now Available through Printing ServicesSue Tingey & Rosanna Condello
Attachment Icon10/16/2013 - Cyber Security Tips NewsletterDonna Pogroszewski
Attachment Icon10/16/2013 - Dr. Freeman Hrabowski Coming to Campus: Thursday, October 17  Sheila M. Strong
10/16/2013 - Higher Education IT Security Symposium & Expert PanelDonna Pogroszewski
10/16/2013 - MCC Race Card ProjectDeb Mohr
10/16/2013 - President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress
10/16/2013 - Theft on CampusMichael Santiago
10/16/2013 - Yaxley Selected to Serve in VSFS eInternshipTina Morrill
10/15/2013 - ADV 126 Workshop:  Introduction To The Career And Transfer Center Services Michele Vitale
10/15/2013 - Ask Tech Support Pat Murphy-Golden
10/15/2013 - Brennan-Barry Helps Organize, Presents at HighEdWeb 2013Cynthia Cooper
10/15/2013 - DCC Flu Clinic to be Held on 10/16The Wellness Team
Attachment Icon10/15/2013 - Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month CelebrationJorge A. Alas
10/15/2013 - Hopefulness Through HistoryNjeru Murage
10/15/2013 - Horror in the Hebrides Jeffery Jones
10/15/2013 - MCC English/Philosophy Chair Cathy Smith Finds an Innovative Way to Share Her Love of PoetryJanet Ekis
Attachment Icon10/15/2013 - MCC Part-Time Job Fair is tomorrow, October 16th!Pam Lazio
10/15/2013 - Message to the College CommunityCynthia Cooper
Attachment Icon10/15/2013 - Presentation by Ricardo Arnaiz, Mexican Writer, Film Director and ProducerLouis Silvers
Attachment Icon10/15/2013 - Sexual Harassment Prevention Training ReminderSusan Baker, Ph.D. and Diane Cecero
10/15/2013 - Sixth Act Tennessee Williams WorkshopThomas Blake
10/15/2013 - TCC Faculty Inquiry Group on Undergraduate Research, Scholarly Inquiry, Creative Activity: Fall 2013Jonathan Iuzzini
Attachment Icon10/14/2013 - Agenda for the October 17 Faculty MeetingHeather Murphy
10/14/2013 - Attention Faculty Members – Phi Theta Kappa Outreach ProgramJodi Oriel
10/14/2013 - Been a Busy Bee Lately?Patricia Kennedy
10/14/2013 - Culinary Highlights for the Week of October 14, 2013Culinary Highlights for the Week of October 14, 2013
10/14/2013 - Family Fright Night at DCC!Lisa Wallace
10/14/2013 - Healthy Relationships Discussion at DCCLisa Wallace
10/14/2013 - Keys and Pogroszewski Appointed to SUNY CommitteesJeffrey Bartkovich, Vice President
Attachment Icon10/14/2013 - MCC Student Events and Governance Association, Meeting Minutes 10/04/13Catherin Ray
Attachment Icon10/14/2013 - MCC Student Government Association Senate Meeting Agenda Lisa Truman
Attachment Icon10/14/2013 - Newspaper, Radio Report on MCC's Industry SurveyHency Yuen-Eng
10/14/2013 - TCC October Conversations: Building Your Critical Thinking ToolboxJonathan Iuzzini
Attachment Icon10/14/2013 - The Honors Institute Needs Your HelpPaul D'Alessandris
10/11/2013 - ADV 103 Workshop: CAPP (Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning) Michele Vitale
10/11/2013 - Announcing the Fall 2013 Foreign Film FestLouis Silvers
10/11/2013 - Apple Cider!Susan Davis
10/11/2013 - Fun Friday Sale! Jenna Keefe
10/11/2013 - Laurie Garrett Global Health Journalist and Author is Coming to MCC!Jodi Oriel
10/11/2013 - MCC Athletics Presents:  Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Flag Football Game!Lisa Curatalo
10/11/2013 - Shoger and Wood Participate at CASE Conference for Community College AdvancementAlicia M. Zona
10/11/2013 - Student Reception Center FEMA DemonstrationHeze Simmons
10/11/2013 - TCC Workshops on The Flipped ClassroomJonathan Iuzzini
Attachment Icon10/11/2013 - The Honors Institute Explores Creativity with Dr. Scott EberlePaul D'Alessandris
10/11/2013 - What Makes Immortal Cells Immortal?Jodi Oriel
10/11/2013 - Winner of Fitbit Drawing The Wellness Team
10/10/2013 - ADV 102 Workshop:  Introduction To Placement Testing Michele Vitale
10/10/2013 - Community Fridays for a Cause - September DonationMartha Maher-Garcia
10/10/2013 - Curriculum Postings for Faculty Review Charlotte Downing
10/10/2013 - Look What’s Happening in iStream in October!Michael McDonough, Provost and Vice President
10/10/2013 - MCC Board of Trustees Meeting - Open ForumLinda Hall
Attachment Icon10/10/2013 - MCC Student Government Association Senate Meeting MinutesLisa Truman
10/10/2013 - Planning for Adult SuccessWilliam Sigismond
10/09/2013 - ADV 182 Workshop:  SUNY General Education Michele Vitale
10/09/2013 - Awards Announcement From Faculty SenateJill McPhee
10/09/2013 - Careers Working with Children ForumSally Dingee
Attachment Icon10/09/2013 - Creditable Coverage NoticeThe Human Resources Team
10/09/2013 - DropBox - Is it Secure for Business?Donna Pogroszewski
10/09/2013 - Dr. Malins Lunch and Learn RecapThe Wellness Team
Attachment Icon10/09/2013 - Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services Division Releases First Report of MCC Generated Labor Market Information.Todd Oldham, Vice President
10/09/2013 - Friday International Cuisine at ReflectionsJanet Zinck
10/09/2013 - Hispanic Heritage CelebrationCatherin Ray
10/09/2013 - Personal Safety Tips Debra Dwyer
10/09/2013 - SALT for MCC StudentsJerome St. Croix
10/09/2013 - The Civility Project: Making Courtesy CommonAmy Greer
10/09/2013 - Time is Running Out "Be a Part of Model UN'Shirley Batistta-Provost
10/09/2013 - Today is the Day to Save a Life!Lisa Truman
10/09/2013 - Wednesday Special!Jenna Keefe
Attachment Icon10/08/2013 - 2014 Innovation of the Year Award - Call for ProposalsMichael J. McDonough, Provost and Vice President
10/08/2013 - Are Your Students Ready to Register for Spring 2014?  Doug Miller
10/08/2013 - Calhoun, Cameron and Carson Present at Mathematics ConferenceAnnette Leopard
10/08/2013 - Call for New Courses, New Programs, Course Revisions, Program Revisions – Deadline December 2Charlotte Downing
10/08/2013 - Join Us! Faculty Workshop: Students with Disabilities in the ClassroomAubrey Zamiara
10/08/2013 - LIbrary Increases Computing CapacityETS Communications
Attachment Icon10/08/2013 - Monroe Community College Student Events and Governance Association Meeting Minutes 9/20/13Catherin Ray
Attachment Icon10/08/2013 - Spread the News: Xerox Scholarship for New and Continuing STEM Students (Spring and Fall 2014 Awards Available) Kristen Love
10/08/2013 - Susan Ferrari Rowley will be Honored as the Recipient of the Visual Artist AwardKaren Sardisco
10/08/2013 - TCC Conversations Oct. 16: Teaching for Critical Thinking Julie Damerell
10/07/2013 - 4-Year College Financial Aid PanelRebecca Mack
10/07/2013 - ADV 165 Workshop:  2+2 Advising; What You Need To Advise 2+2 Students Michele Vitale
10/07/2013 - ADV 200 Workshop:  Developmental Advising Theory Michele Vitale
10/07/2013 - Ask Tech SupportPat Murphy-Golden
10/07/2013 - Call for SLN and Hybrid Course Development – Deadline November 4Charlotte Downing
10/07/2013 - Child Care Center Annual Niagara Chocolates FundraiserMolly Cupello
10/07/2013 - Dates for Message to the College CommunityHency Yuen-Eng
10/07/2013 - Live Healthy at MCC & enjoy refreshmentsSue George, RN
Attachment Icon10/07/2013 - MCC Student Government Association Senate Meeting Agenda Lisa Truman
10/07/2013 - MCC Summer EnrollmentElina Belyablya
Attachment Icon10/07/2013 - Medaille College Day at MCCChristyn Sanagursky
10/07/2013 - Pogroszewski Participates on  Panel at Higher Education Technology Leadership SummitEileen Scorgie
10/07/2013 - Reminder: Current MCC's Smoke Free Policy Prohibits E-CigarettesSharon Marini
10/07/2013 - Save the Date to Save a Life!  MCC Blood DriveLisa Truman
10/07/2013 - Spring 2014 Registration Dates Doug Miller
10/07/2013 - Teaching Tips from Your TCCJulie Damerell
10/07/2013 - The Reflections To Go Food Cart is up and running!Chris Reynolds
10/07/2013 - The Writing Center has Star-Power!Patricia Kennedy
10/07/2013 - Volunteers Needed for Academic Grievance Hearing Committee Pool Mark Ernsthausen
10/07/2013 - "Blurred Lines/Clear Lines: Consent in a Rape Culture" at DCC! Susan Bender
10/04/2013 - Black Friday Promotion In OctoberJenna Keefe
10/04/2013 - Bogdanovska Elected New President of Eastman Young ProfessionalsJasna Bogdanovska
10/04/2013 - Dr. Timothy Malins to Speak on Monday, October 7The Wellness Team
10/04/2013 - Dr.Jeffrey Bartkovich Moderates SUNY IT PanelEileen Scorgie
10/04/2013 - Federal Government ShutdownDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel
10/04/2013 - Learning Communities: Information & Brainstorming SessionsJonathan Iuzzini
Attachment Icon10/04/2013 - MCC College-Wide Open House Christine Casalinuovo-Adams
10/04/2013 - Student Reception Center FEMA DemonstrationHeze Simmons, CFO & Vice President
Attachment Icon10/03/2013 - Adjunct Faculty Supper for Success: Thursday, October 17Jonathan Iuzzini
10/03/2013 - Branding Update: Business Cards Available Featuring New LogoSue Tingey & Rosanna Condello
10/03/2013 - Cybersecurity Certificate Approved by New York State Education DepartmentCharlotte Downing
10/03/2013 - HELP:  Adult Students are Entering CollegeWilliam Sigismond, Director
10/03/2013 - League Connections – October 2013Michael J. McDonough
Attachment Icon10/03/2013 - MCC Student Government Association Senate Meeting Minutes Lisa Truman
10/03/2013 - myMCC & Banner Maintenance on Sunday, Oct. 6 from 6 a.m.-12 p.m.Bob Bertram
10/03/2013 - October First FridaysJeff Bartkovich
10/03/2013 - October is National Cyber Security Awareness MonthDonna Pogroszewski
Attachment Icon10/03/2013 - Reintroduction of Curriculum DatabaseCharlotte Downing
10/03/2013 - Remembering Anne CooneyKathy O'Shea
10/03/2013 - TCC Faculty Inquiry Group on Assessment: Fall 2013Jonathan Iuzzini
Attachment Icon10/03/2013 - Walk for Water This SaturdayHolocaust, Genocide
Attachment Icon10/03/2013 - Welcome Prospective Students and Families!Melissa M Santiago
10/02/2013 - Attendance is Due Today!Kimberley Willis
10/02/2013 - Community Fridays for a CauseMartha Maher-Garcia
10/02/2013 - From Advisement and Graduation Services: Did You Know...Sally Dingee and Toni Robbins
Attachment Icon10/02/2013 - MCC Foundation Activity Report from September 25 Board of Directors' MeetingDiane L. Shoger
Attachment Icon10/02/2013 - MCC Labyrinth Open for Walking MeditationJanet Dalke
10/02/2013 - MCC Student Veteran Chris Johnson Recognized as Inspiration to Other Students, VetsJanet Ekis
10/02/2013 - President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress
10/02/2013 - Richard "Dick" Hogan, Retiree (Facilities)Anne M. Kress
10/02/2013 - Schedule of Flu Clinics for Fall 2013The Human Resources Team
10/02/2013 - Wednesday Bookstore Special!Jenna Keefe
10/02/2013 - Wellness Matters: Why Walk?Donna Burke
10/01/2013 - Ask Tech SupportPat Murphy-Golden
10/01/2013 - Complimentary Dental Services for VeteransLinda Crowner
10/01/2013 - Film:  Alexander NevskyGordon Dutter
10/01/2013 - HELP:  Adult Students are Entering CollegeWilliam Sigismond, Director
Attachment Icon10/01/2013 - Honors Institute visits The Gender ShowPaul D'Alessandris
10/01/2013 - Mathematics Department Offers the October Puzzler of the Month Kim Martello
10/01/2013 - New Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching - Call for Nominations Human Resources Team
10/01/2013 - New Pay-by-Plate Stations Make Parking at MCC More Convenient!Debra Dwyer
10/01/2013 - Reminder: Brown Bag New Employee Safety Training on Thursday, October 3Sharon Marini
Attachment Icon10/01/2013 - Student Resource Center Upcoming EventsEdie Horwath
Attachment Icon10/01/2013 - The Dos and Don'ts of the MCC Daily Tribune Cynthia Cooper
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