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MCC Daily Tribune

Green Tip: Skip the Disposables

Ordering takeout food offers many benefits—you can skip a night of cooking and cleanup, add variety to your week, and have the convenience of enjoying a meal in comfort in your own place or on the go. Unfortunately, takeout has a downside – all the single-use disposables and containers. 

Green your takeout orders: 

  • Say no to single-use/disposable forks, spoons, knives when eating at home. 
  • Say no to the straw if you do not need it (or use your own stainless steel or silicone straw). 
  • Say no to other add-ons (such as individual packets of ketchup, mustard, and hot sauce) if you will be eating at home and already have what you need. 
  • Create an on-the-go reuse kit with reusable cutlery and condiments in reusable containers that you can grab when you do not plan to eat takeout at home. 
  • Keep cloth napkins and reusable wipes in your car so you do not need paper napkins. 

Ann Penwarden
Sustainability Steering Committee