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Accepting Applications: President's Emerging Leaders Fellowship Program

MCC's has a strategic commitment to talent management practices that include developing, recognizing, and empowering our employees. The President's Emerging Leaders Fellowship (PEL) supports this commitment and the application process to be part of the program's second cohort. This MCC leadership program is modeled on the American Council of Education's long-running and highly successful ACE Fellows program.

As the complexity of our colleges--and the challenges we face--increases, MCC looks to enhance the capacity of our internal leaders to address these issues, design innovative solutions, and see opportunities on the horizon. The PEL Fellowship is designed to meet these goals. My thanks to Executive Dean Joel Frater, an ACE Fellows alumnus, who used his invaluable experience to help craft our program.

The PEL Fellowship application is open to MCC full-time employees at the level of department chair or director and above. Our goal is that each PEL class reflects the diversity of our College and represents each of MCC's five divisions: President's Office, Academic Services, Administrative Services, Economic and Workforce Development and Career Technical Education, and Student Services. Each fellow will rotate through the five divisions plus the office of the Executive Dean, spending one week in each, to learn more about how the divisions plan and operate, how and why decisions are made, and more. The fellows gain a broader and deeper knowledge-base across traditional College silos. This experience will assist them both in fulfilling their current roles and in advancing in the future.

In addition, the fellows will engage in team-based case studies, meet with leaders from other regional colleges, and expand their professional horizons through participation in a national conference.

Applications for the second cohort of PEL Fellows will be due November 7. The process, guidelines, and evaluation criteria are available online. Applications require support from the division lead (president, provost, or vice president), and due to the scope of the work in which the fellows engage, applicants are required to sign a confidentiality statement. The first PEL cohort includes Amy Ariola, Toni Custodio, Debra Davis, Sarah Hagreen, and Kristin Sine-Kinz. If you wish to learn about their personal experiences in this program, please feel free to reach out to them.

I look forward to welcoming the next cohort of President's Emerging Leaders Fellows.

Kress, Anne
Office of the President