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Water Test Findings

Prompted by the national focus on lead levels in drinking water, MCC proactively tested water sources (drinking fountains and sinks) during the spring 2016 semester. Preliminary testing is complete at the Brighton Campus and the Applied Technologies Center*. While the majority of water sources were found to be below the Environmental Protection Agency’s action level for lead, we did find fountains and sinks on the Brighton Campus that tested above recommended levels.

While the lead levels of the affected fixtures at MCC do not pose an immediate health danger, precautions have been taken. The identified water fountains on the Brighton Campus are now offline. Water coolers will be placed on floors without access to a fountain. Additional testing is being conducted. Sinks with elevated lead levels will be identified and limited to handwashing only.

Locations affected:

*         1 sink in the Spina Administration Building
*         1 sink in Building 4
*         All water fountains in Building 5, except for first floor
*         3 sinks in Building 7
*         All water fountains in Building 8, except for first floor
*         1 water fountain in the Stabins Physical Education Complex

Elevated lead levels in water are not unusual in older buildings and homes. Commonly they are due to older fixtures, such as drinking fountains and faucets, or lead solder on the joints of water pipes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “studies show that exposure to lead-contaminated water alone would not be likely to elevate blood levels.”

Employees and students are reminded to use sinks for handwashing only.

The health and safety of our employees and students is MCC’s highest priority. We will keep you apprised of future testing and remediation efforts.

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* We have asked Winn Companies to test the water at the Damon City Campus. Being a newer building, the Public Safety Training Facility does not present the same issues.

Hezekiah Simmons
Vice President, CFO, Administrative Services