Group of students holding up a Welcome to MCC banner

Orientation is for ALL students new to MCC, whether they are: returning adults, transfer students, recent high school graduates or returning MCC students. New students are invited to experience all orientation options this Fall.

Going through an Orientation session makes sure new students know what is going on and how to succeed at MCC. By participating in an Orientation, students can:

  • Meet with Financial Aid
  • Receive your MCC Student ID Card
  • Pick up your Textbooks
  • Learn how to navigate MCC Technology resources
  • Become familiar with policies and procedures
  • Explore the Library and Learning Centers
  • Know whom to contact to ask questions and express concerns
  • Take a campus tour and find where your classes are located
  • Enjoy a Free Meal with other new students
  • Receive a free MCC T-Shirt.

Please text or call Trib411 at (585) 292-2411 or email Trib411 with any questions regarding Orientation.

Locations & Contacts

Orientation Questions?
Trib411: (585) 292-2411

M - Fri: 8:45am - 4:45pm