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College Personnel


Abbott, Christine1986 - 2020Professor
Adams, Carol H.1978-2011Professor of Transitional Studies
Adnepos, Lee A.1971-2007Professor of English
Ambrosio, Frank1980 - 2020Professor
Ames, Susan1994-2005Associate Professor of Nursing
Andreu, Angel1988 - 2017Director, Institutional Research
Angel, Allen1970-1993Professor of Mathematics
Atkins, Sally H.1968-1985Assistant Professor of Health Education Program
Baker, Ellen1995-2006Associate Professor
Baker, Linda W.1986-2002Professor of Mathematics
Ball, Charles,1968-2007Professor of Applied Technologies
Bartell, Michelle1996-2016Professor
Bartholome, Lynn1998-2016Professor
Bartkovich, Jeffrey1991-2015Vice President
Bauman, Melvin G.1971-2007Professor of English
Behrens, George W.1985-2014Associate Professor of Automotive Technology
Belle-Isle, G. Christopher1975-2014Professor
Berry, Robert1964-1995Professor of Mathematics
Boni, David1995 - 2020Professor
Bouk, Gail1993-2012Associate Professor
Brindle, William1971-2002Professor of Sociology
Bromley, Kathleen1982-2008Professor of Business Administration/Economics
Brooks, Douglas1986-2015Associate Professor
Brown, Douglas1976-2005Professor, Health/Physical Education; Director, Campus Center
Brown, John W., Jr.1971-1991Professor of Business Administration/Economics
Bulin, Judith G.1982 - 2020Professor of Business Administration/Economics
Burgess, Patricia M.1984 - 2018Professor of Mathematics
Burke, Donna1995-2023Professor of ESOL/Transitional Studies
Bush, Carmen1969-2001Professor of Transitional Studies
Byman, Judith1968-1989Professor, Library
Caiazza, Anthony S.1978-2009Professor of Human Services
Cappon, Sharon M.1966-2000Associate Professor of Physical Education
Cardillo, Karen M.1983-2014Professor of Health and Physical Education
Chamberlain, H. David1963-1995Professor of Physical Education
Cheasty, Diane1986 - 2017C.H.E., C.H.A., Professor of Hospitality
Christoff, Barbara L.1963-1999Professor of Law and Criminal Justice
Clarke, Charles R.1971-2014Professor of Psychology
Clar, Lawrence M.1966-2001Professor of Mathematics
Clifford, Elizabeth1994-2014Esq., Professor of Law and Criminal Justice
Cobb, Phyllis M.1963-1980Professor, Health/Physical Education/Recreation Leadership
Coffey, Karen1999 - 2020Professor
Comstock, Richard T.1968-2002Professor of Psychology
Connell, Bonnie1987-2011Professor of Mathematics
Connett, Richard J.1991-2011Professor of Biology
Connolly, Barbara,1975-2008Professor of Nursing; Dean of Academic and Student Affairs at the Damon City Campus
Cooper, M. Thomas1968-2011Professor of Art
Cotnam, John D.1967-1996Professor
Cox, Donna H.1985-2011Professor of English
Critchlow, Virginia P.1982-1992Associate Professor of English
Cullen, John1985-2006Professor of Chemistry
D'Ortona, Lorraine1991 - 2017Associate Professor of Information and Computer Technologies
Dambruso, Vito1963-1990Professor of Biology
Damerell, Julie2001 - 2017Associate Professor of Transitional Studies
Davis, James C. Jr.1967-1995Professor of English
Day, David1971-2006Professor of Anthropology/History/Political Science/ Sociology
Dellaquila, Thomas B.1964-1998Professor of Mathematics
Dempsey, Deana L.1964-1999Professor of Office Technology
Devadutt, Sumati1968-2008Professor of Sociology/Anthropology, History and Political Science
DiMartino, Mary Ann1967-2005Information and Computer Technologies
Dobkin, Sharon L.1986-2011Professor of Psychology
Donahue, Patricia2001-2014Associate Professor of Information and Computer Technologies
Donofrio, Jacqueline1993-2014Professor of Mathematics
Doty, Dale1998-2014Professor of Psychology
Dougherty, Susan,1965-2008Professor of Biology
Doyle Boni, Kim1999 - 2020Associate Professor
Doyle, Eileen M.1973-2014Professor of Radiologic Technology
Edwards, Eugene L., Jr.1964-1995Professor of Communication
El Rayess, Suzanne1992-2013Professor of English for Speakers of other Languages
Erickson, Michael1976-1997Professor of Transitional Studies
Ernst, John1962-1999Professor of Engineering Science/Physics
Fahy, Paula1987 - 2016Professor
Farrell, Kathleen1986 - 2020Assistant Director, Performing Arts (Professor)
Fazekas, George1985 - 2020Professor
Feasel, Lawrence1968-2005Professor of Law and Criminal Justice
Ferrari-Rowley, Susan2000-2019Associate Professor of Visual and Performing Arts
Fittipaldi, Thomas,1978-2009Professor of Visual and Performing Arts
Fitton, Diane1989-2014Professor of Transitional Studies
Foley, Kevin M.1992-2011Associate Professor of Civil Technology
Forde, Christine2000 - 2017Professor of Information and Computer Technologies
Forsyth, Susan H.,1978-2011Professor of Dental Studies
Fugate, Marcia2003 - 2020Associate Professor of Transitional Studies
Fusilli, Louis A.1968-1999Professor of Psychology
Gaede, E. Jethro2006-2019Associate Professor of Anthropology/History/Political Science/ Sociology
Garlock, Jonathan1977-1995Associate Professor
Garr, Jane L.1971-1992Professor of Nursing
Gayle-Jones, Jewelle1975-1996Professor of Human Services
Genovese, Peter1985 - 2008Director, Library
Gigliotti, Ronald S.1963-1996Professor
Glossner, Alan J.1972-1999Professor of English/Philosophy
Goho, W. Michael1985-2016Professor
Goldfarb, Barry1987-2013Professor of Communication
Goldstein, Elaine1979-2004Counselor, Counseling and Advising
Grabowski, Betty1971-1998Associate Professor of Radiologic Technology
Graham, W. Joseph.1976-1999Associate Professor of Biology
Grasso, Thomas X.1968-1999Professor of Geosciences
Grissing, Edward1979-2016Associate Professor
Gulbransen, Linda1979-2002Associate Professor of Business
Gullo, Robert A.1962-1995Professor of Mathematics
Haas, Charles1970-2005Professor of Art
Hall, Judith I.1968-2002Professor of English
Hamell, Richard,1971-2008Professor of Chemistry and Geosciences
Hancock, James1966-2006Professor of English
Harrison, J. Derek1966-2002Professor of English
Harris, Mark1995-2020Associate Professor of Mathematics
Hart, James1968-1998Professor of Mathematics
Hastings, Roscoe1969-2006Professor of Physical Education
Hendrick, Joseph1987-2005Professor of Art
Hengelsberg, Raymond1968-2005Professor of History and Political Science
Henzel, Sherman1981-2013Professor of Chemistry
Herzog, Robert H.1967-2002Professor of English
Holcomb, Howard A.1967-2000Associate Professor of Mathematics
Hopkins, Betty Jo1969-1992Professor of Biology
Huggins, Kenneth,1987-2008Associate Professor of English/Philosophy
Humphrey, Kenneth1995-2016Professor
Irvine, Carol Ann,1991-2009Associate Professor of Communication
Jenkins, Donovan M., Jr.1964-1999Professor of Transitional Studies
Johnson, Robert R.1967-1999Professor of Mathematics
Jordan, Gilbert F.1970-1985Associate Professor of English
Judd, Lori1995 - 2020Professor
Karolinski, Naomi L.1981-2019Associate Professor of Business Administration/Economics
Kaufman, Judy1987 - 2020Professor
Kirk, Barbara1972-1998Associate Professor of Nursing
Kloda, Loretta1964-1998Professor of Nursing
Kotaska, Joseph1988-2011Professor of Business Administration/Economics
Kress, Thomas A.1968-1996Associate Professor of Physical Education
Kuby, Patricia J.1991-2012Professor of Mathematics
Kuempel, John R.,1994-2009Professor of Chemistry and Geosciences
LaMarsh, Gerald,1969-2007Professor of Visual and Performing Arts
Lanzafame, Frank,1973-2006Professor of Chemistry and Geosciences
Lathan, Calvin1962-1991Professor of Mathematics
Lawton, Kathy G.1984-2011Professor of Biology
Lazio, Pamela2003 - 2020Associate Professor
Lennert, Edward,1976-2007Professor of Visual and Performing Arts
Leopard, Annette1983 - 2020Professor
Lovenheim, Barbara P.1991-2007Professor of English
Lundberg, Edwin1969-2005Professor of History
Lynam, William1970-2006Professor of English
Maher, John1970-1992Associate Professor of Fire Protection Technology, Health Education
Mahoney, Cheryl2001 - 2017Associate Professor of Nursing
Maley, James1994-2012Associate Professor
Mallory, Dale1970-2014Professor
Mallory, Nancy1982-2014Professor of Communication
Marino, Maryann1992-2012Associate Professor
Marriott, Marcia2002 - 2020Associate Professor
McCauley, Joseph1987-2016Professor
McCormack, James1967-1996Associate Professor of Business Administration
McGuidwin, James I.1969-1997Professor
McHugh, Thomas1968-1999Professor of Physical Education
McKim, Suzanne1969-1999Professor of Nursing
McNitt, David H.1967-1999Professor of Mathematics
Mellas, Ernest1993-2013Professor of Biology
Miller, Gary M.1968-1997Professor of Mathematics
Milligan, Frank G.1964-1996Professor
Mohr, Deborah1995-2016Associate Professor
Mooney, William,1978-1997Professor of Engineering Technologies
Moore, Ramona1987 - 2020Professor
Morris, Eileen1990-2016Professor
Morton-Cubitt, Eileen1963-1988 Professor, Office Technology
Mullaney, Joan1971 - 2020Professor
Murphy, Margaret2001-2013Associate Professor of English
Nenno, Robert,1964-1993Professor of Mathematics
Neureiter-Seely, Elizabeth1969-2002Professor of English for Speakers of Other Languages
Nobiling, Gerard R.1963-2002Professor of Chemistry
Noonan, Cornelius J.1967-2002Associate Professor of Engineering Science and Physics
North, Maynard J.1962-1979Professor of English
O'Brien, Janice M.1964-1995Associate Professor, Library
Osborn, Frances1962-1990Professor of English
Otero, Emeterio M.1982-2014Professor
Owen, John1971-2002Associate Professor of Communication
Parton, James1967-1988Professor
Pennell, Mary Pat1970-1991Professor of Health Related Professions
Petrie, Donna1979-2011Professor
Phoenix, Edward W.1975-1997Professor
Pixley, Elizabeth1977-2005Professor of Biology
Pogue, David L.1981-2010Professor of Law and Criminal Justice
Polizzi, Alfred J.1970-2000Associate Professor
Popovici, Mary-Jo1989-2016Professor
Proietti, Thomas1985-2013Professor of Communication
Ranczuch, Anne1981-2011Professor of Business Administration/Economics
Reaves, Celia1994-2019Department Chair, Professor of Psychology
Rivaldo, Nancy,1977-2008Professor of Health Professions
Robertson, Daniel2001-2019Dean, Health Sciences and Physical Wellness; Science Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM)
Robinson, Wilbert J.1970-1987Associate Professor of Audiovisual Technology
Roche, Harold1964-1999Associate Professor of Health/Physical Education
Rolfe, James K.1981-2002Associate Professor of Business Administration/ Economics
Rosenbaum, Phyllis1975-1990Associate Professor of Nursing
Rotella, Vincent1977-2006Professor of Photography
Salamone, Charles R.1967-1996Professor of History/Political Science
Sardisco, Karen2005 - 2020Associate Professor
Sardone, Christopher M.1981-2019Associate Professor
Schnell, James1980-1999Professor of Business Administration/Economics
Schwartz, Linda1982-2007Associate Professor
Schwender, James C.1978-1996Professor
Setek, William M., Jr.1967-1999Professor of Mathematics
Silvers, Louis1995 - 2020Professor
Slomkowski, Richard1966-1996Professor of Physical Education
Smith, Betty P.1988 - 2014Professor, Counseling
Smith, Cathryn E.1995-2019Professor of English
Smith, David1972-2005Associate Professor of Communication
Smith, Margaret F.1985-2000Associate Professor
Snyder, James G.1968-2002Professor of History
Snyder, Philip J.1986 - 2018Associate Professor of English/Philosophy
Speirs, Charles H.1963-1995Professor, Library
Stamas, Helen1969-1992Professor of Dental Hygiene
Stanton, John1967-2005Professor of Biology
Stevens, Robert A.1966-1996Professor of History/Political Science
Stewart, Richard C.2002-2015Associate Professor of Mathematics
Sturnick, Joseph2005 - 2017Professor of Law & Criminal Justice
Swicklik, Mary Lou1962-1982Professor Chemistry
Szweda, Ralph A.1964-1995Professor of Information and Computer Technologies
Talbot, Carl1962-1988Professor
Terhaar, Ann1968-1995Associate Professor of Food, Hotel, and Tourism Management
Tieppo, Earl1963-1991Professor of Biology
Tippett, Ann Elizabeth1995-2019Professor of English
Tocci, Ronald1967-1991Professor of Computer Technology
Toler, Judith J.1963-1995Professor of English/Philosophy
Tsai, Joanna2010-2023Associate Professor of Biology
Tshibangu, Sherry2003-2023Professor of Buisness Administration
Tugel, Terrill1987-2012Professor
Vacchetto, Richard H.1968-1985Associate Professor of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Leadership
Waddell, Lucian1970-2005Professor of English/Philosophy
Wagner, Karen2002 - 2020Associate Professor
Wakem, L. Paul2001 - 2017Professor of Biology
Walker, Barry1983-2016Professor
Walker, John1995-2002Professor of History/Political Science
Walker, Kenneth H.1972¬1985Associate Professor of Radiologic Technology
Weissend, Dion E.1963-1996Professor of Physical Education
Weiss, Elaine1967-1993Professor of Biology
Wexler, Sara1999 - 2017Associate Professor of Information and Computer Technologies
Wheeler, Mary H.1991-2002Associate Professor of Mathematics
Whitney, Dixie1966-1988Professor of Speech and Theater
Winsor, Helen T.1968-1978Associate Professor of Nursing
Witherspoon, John1981-2007Professor of Office and Computer Programs
Wright, Lewis L.1964-1977Professor of Law and Criminal Justice
Zwick, Michael A.1982-2010Professor of Mathematics