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Exploring Your Identity

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TCC Room (12-201) Brighton Campus
03:00 pm - 04:30 pm

Teaching and Creativity Center will host the series of workshop for faculty and professional staff to provide learning and growing opportunities in the topics of diversity, equity, inclusion including. The topics for this semester will include exploring your identity, implicit biases and addressing our biases, power and privilege in the classroom and understanding students’ identities.

Exploring Your Identity

This workshop will provide an opportunity for faculty and professional staff to learn, share and connect their identity in-depth and provide strategies to connect with students and colleagues. The workshop will include a personal identity wheel and social identity wheel activities and the participants will explore and revisit their self-identities including but not limited to race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexuality, age, disability, political, and spiritual views. As the participants reflect their self-identity, they will gain a new perspective of connecting with their colleagues and students in their journey.

Facilitator: Melis Kural
Date: February 28, 2024
Time: 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Where: Hybrid in the Brighton TCC Room (12-201) and online (Zoom Link)

CONTACT: Melis Kural,
SPONSOR: Teaching and Creativity Center