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Carmen Powers Legacy Lecturer; Kathy O'Shea

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Warshof Conference Center, R. Thomas Flynn Campus Center (Monroe A)
12:00 pm - 01:00 pm

It is my honor to announce one of this year's Carmen Powers Legacy Lecturers Kathy O'Shea, English/Philosophy.

The intent of the Carmen Powers Legacy Lecture Series is to share and preserve MCC’s collective professional and institutional wisdom. Individuals selected for this prestigious opportunity have had a long and distinguished career at MCC, is an outstanding teacher, mentor, advisor, leader to peers and students, and has a meaningful message to share with the College that will enrich the lives and work of MCC faculty, staff and students.

Kathy O'Shea has had a long and distinguished career at MCC and has served 35 years as a valued member of the English/Philosophy Department. During her time at MCC, Kathy experienced great changes at the institution - in administration, workload, attitudes towards women at the College, and significant changes in technology. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Kathy embraced all the change with her usual good humor: read a poem and dig in!

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SPONSOR: Faculty Senate