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Final Exam Schedule

1. Your final exam may be proctored by someone other than your instructor on the day the final.
2. If you have a conflict, please contact your instructor for alternate arrangements.
3. Official comprehensive exams times will be as follows:
    - 7:45AM - 9:45AM
    - 10:00AM-12:00PM
    - 12:30PM-2:30PM
    - 2:45PM-4:45PM
    - 5:00PM-7:00PM
    - 7:00PM-9:00PM

By Course

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Algebra for Statistics (Non-Credit)*Atkinson, Karen A.05/23/227:45 AM09236BC
Algebra for Statistics FLEXIBLE PACE (Non-Credit)*Williams, Matthew R.05/25/2210:00 AMDC514DCC
Algebra for Statistics FLEXIBLE PACE (Non-Credit)*Williams, Matthew R.05/23/2212:30 PMDC514DCC
Algebra for Statistics FLEXIBLE PACE (Non-Credit)*Williams, Matthew R.05/24/2210:00 AMDC514DCC
Algebra for Statistics (Non-Credit)*Jehle, David E.05/24/222:45 PMDC452DCC
Algebra for Statistics FLEXIBLE PACE (Non-Credit)*Bellavia, Mark R.05/23/202207:45 AM11202BC
Algebra for Statistics FLEXIBLE PACE (Non-Credit)*Malanchyn, Olena05/24/202205:00 PM11202BC
Algebra for Statistics FLEXIBLE PACE (Non-Credit)*Carson, Linda A.05/24/202212:30 PM11202BC
Elementary Algebra (Non-Credit)*Herbst, David W.05/23/227:45 AM09252BC
Elementary Algebra (Non-Credit)*Atkinson, Karen A.05/24/227:45 AMREMOTEREMOTERMT
Elementary Algebra (Non-Credit)*Herbst, David W.05/26/2210:00 AM09236BC
Elementary Algebra (Non-Credit)*Rhoda, Michael05/23/2210:00 AM09260BC
Elementary Algebra (Non-Credit)*Santiago, Rachel S.05/26/2212:30 PM09236BC
Elementary Algebra (Non-Credit)*Santiago, Rachel S.05/24/222:45 PM09242BC
Elementary Algebra (Non-Credit)*Wischmann, Christian05/24/225:00 PM09246BC
Elementary Algebra FLEXIBLE PACE (Non-Credit)*Dreibelbis, Joel D.05/24/227:45 AMDC514DCC
Elementary Algebra (Non-Credit)*Wright, Bobby Wayne05/24/2212:30 PMREMOTEREMOTERMT
Elementary Algebra FLEXIBLE PACE (Non-Credit)*Santiago, Rachel S.05/26/202210:00 AM11202BC
Elementary Algebra FLEXIBLE PACE (Non-Credit)*Cater, Donald J.05/23/202210:00 AM11202BC
Elementary Algebra FLEXIBLE PACE (Non-Credit)*Carson, Linda A.05/24/202202:45 PM11202BC
Elementary Algebra FLEXIBLE PACE (Non-Credit)*Putnam, Emily A.05/23/225:00 PMREMOTEREMOTERMT
Elementary Algebra FLEXIBLE PACE (Non-Credit)*Dilai, Elena05/25/202202:45 PM11202BC
Elementary Algebra FLEXIBLE PACE (Non-Credit)*Putnam, Emily A.05/24/227:00 PMREMOTEREMOTERMT
Intermediate Algebra-with MTH-099Ernsthausen, Mark W.05/24/2210:00 AM09256BC
Intermediate Algebra-with MTH099Ernsthausen, Mark W.05/24/2212:30 PM09182BC
Intermediate AlgebraCalhoun, Aimee L.05/26/227:45 AMREMOTEREMOTERMT
Intermediate AlgebraHeidt, Thomas J.05/26/2210:00 AM09146BC
Intermediate AlgebraCameron, Mary K.05/23/2210:00 AM09256BC
Intermediate AlgebraCalhoun, Aimee L.05/24/2212:30 PMREMOTEREMOTERMT
Intermediate AlgebraErnsthausen, Michelle A.05/24/222:45 PM09252BC
Intermediate AlgebraHeidt, Thomas J.05/26/2212:30 PM09146BC
Intermediate AlgebraWright, Bobby Wayne05/24/225:00 PM09170BC
Intermediate AlgebraMartello, Kimberley A.05/23/227:45 AM11313BC
Intermediate Algebra FLEXIBLE PACEDreibelbis, Joel D.05/24/227:45 AMDC514DCC
Intermediate AlgebraWright, Bobby Wayne05/25/227:45 AMREMOTEREMOTERMT
Intermediate AlgebraWright, Bobby Wayne05/23/2212:30 PMDC456DCC
Intermediate Algebra FLEXIBLE PACESantiago, Rachel S.05/26/202210:00 AM11202BC
Intermediate Algebra FLEXIBLE PACECater, Donald J.05/23/202210:00 AM11202BC
Intermediate Algebra FLEXIBLE PACECarson, Linda A.05/24/202202:45 PM11202BC
Intermediate Algebra FLEXIBLE PACEPutnam, Emily A.05/23/225:00 PMREMOTEREMOTERMT
Intermediate Algebra FLEXIBLE PACEDilai, Elena05/25/222:45 PM11202BC
Intermediate Algebra FLEXIBLE PACEPutnam, Emily A.05/24/227:00 PMREMOTEREMOTERMT
Survey of Mathematics-WRHeidt, Thomas J.05/23/227:45 AM09262BC
Survey of MathematicsJehle, David E.05/24/227:45 AMDC454DCC
Survey of Mathematics for TechFunkhauser, Jeannette S.05/23/225:00 PM09236BC
Mathematics For Elementary Teachers I - WREames, Michael D.05/25/2210:00 AMDC452DCC
Mathematics For Elementary Teachers II - WREames, Michael D.05/23/2212:30 PMDC452DCC
Statistics IAtene, Carlo E.05/25/227:45 AM09170BC
Statistics IAtene, Carlo E.05/23/227:45 AM09170BC
Statistics IMartineau, Brigitte05/25/2210:00 AM11103BC
Statistics IWischmann, Christian05/23/2210:00 AM09186BC
Statistics IMartineau, Brigitte05/23/2212:30 PM09173BC
Statistics IWells, Karen L.05/24/227:45 AMREMOTEREMOTERMT
Statistics ICater, Donald J.05/24/2210:00 AM09186BC
Statistics IAdiletta, Debra J.05/24/2212:30 PMREMOTEREMOTERMT
Statistics IWells, Karen L.05/24/222:45 PMREMOTEREMOTERMT
Statistics ISmith, Cindy K.05/24/225:00 PM09186BC
Statistics IWilliams, Matthew R.05/23/227:45 AMDC356DCC
Statistics ISmith, Cindy K.05/24/2212:30 PMDC354DCC
Statistics for the Social SciencesDiMarco, Claudio A.05/24/227:45 AM11104BC
College Algebra-Fast Track-with MTH104Strohm, Mary Beth05/24/227:45 AM11103BC
College AlgebraMartello, Kimberley A.05/25/2210:00 AM09262BC
College AlgebraWagner, Michael A.05/23/2212:30 PM09238BC
College AlgebraMahar, Jason T.05/25/222:45 PM09252BC
College AlgebraCarson, Linda A.05/26/227:45 AMREMOTEREMOTERMT
College AlgebraCalhoun, Aimee L.05/24/2210:00 AMREMOTEREMOTERMT
College AlgebraBond, Laura J.05/24/2212:30 PM09262BC
College AlgebraO'Brien, Michael K.05/23/225:00 PM09182BC
College Algebra-Fast Track-with MTH104Clickner, Beth A.05/24/2210:00 AMREMOTEREMOTERMT
PrecalculusErnsthausen, Mark W.05/25/227:45 AM09186BC
PrecalculusMahar, Jason T.05/25/2210:00 AM09186BC
PrecalculusCala, James05/24/222:45 PM09262BC
Precalculus-Fast Track-with MTH165Cameron, Mary K.05/23/227:45 AM09173BC
PrecalculusO'Brien, Michael K.05/23/227:00 PM09182BC
Applied CalculusMahar, Jason T.05/23/2210:00 AM09238BC
Applied CalculusMahar, Jason T.05/23/225:00 PM09242SLN
Calculus IErnsthausen, Mark W.05/23/227:45 AM09186BC
Calculus ISeeburger, Paul E.05/25/2210:00 AM09260BC
Calculus IHeidt, Thomas J.05/23/2210:00 AM09182BC
Calculus IWilliams, Matthew R.05/24/227:00 PM09182BC
Calculus IIKilner, Steven J.05/23/227:45 AM09182BC
Calculus IIWagner, Michael A.05/25/2210:00 AM09182BC
Calculus IICameron, Mary K.05/23/2212:30 PM09186BC
Calculus IIIWagner, Michael A.05/25/227:45 AM09182BC
Calculus IIISeeburger, Paul E.05/23/225:00 PM09170SLN
Discrete Mathematics-WRWagner, Michael A.05/23/225:00 PM09238BC
Differential EquationsDiMarco, Claudio A.05/23/2212:30 PM09242BC
Linear AlgebraKilner, Steven J.05/25/227:45 AM09236BC
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