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What does the MCC Association do?
Author: Jaime Smith Reference Number: AA-00431 Views: 49164 Created: 2013-06-21 09:32 am Last Updated: 2013-08-09 10:26 am 0 Rating/ 2517 Voters

The MCC Association, Inc. is committed to enhancing the quality of student life by actively supporting student co-curricular participation through the prudent management of student life fees. Many of these programs and services are offered by MCC's Office of Student Life and Leadership Development , and together we partner to provide each student with an enriched academic and social environment.

The more involved a student becomes in student life, the more value he/she will receive from these fees. Even students who choose not to participate in campus activities benefit from student fees, which support a student newspaper, radio station and many services available through the Student Service Desk.