Student Email

New Students

Activate Your Accounts - Use the information from the letter we sent you to activate your MCC Student Network Account, your Student Email Account, and your Student Records Account.

Find Your MCC Network Account - Allows you to determine what your MCC Student Network Account name is if you do not have the letter we sent you by providing your MCC Student ID # (e.g. M00xxxxxx) and Birth Date so you can activate your MCC Accounts for email and access to MCC systems.

Current Students

Change Your Password - Allows you to change the password for your MCC Student Network Account. You will need to do this every 180 days to continue to access MCC systems and your email.

Reset Your Password - Allows you to reset your MCC Student Network account if you have forgotten your password. You will need to change your password as part of this process.

Need Help? - For further assistance, see the Frequently Asked Questions page.

MCC Student Email on your Mobile Device

For directions, please read the following:
Setting up your MCC student email on your mobile device.