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About Archiving

Why archive?

·         The messages in your email are stored remotely on a server.  Outlook and the Outlook Web App allow you to view the messages on your computer or phone the way Microsoft Word allows you to view text documents. 

·         However, unlike Word, your email gets stored remotely on a server instead of on your computer.  Because space is limited and expensive, everybody is given a quota.

·         Archiving allows you to pull messages off the server, thus freeing up some of your quota.  It does this by saving those emails together in one file directly on your computer. 

·         Archives can then be accessed through Outlook the same way your emails can without taking up space.


How does archiving work?

·         When you create an archive, it will retain the same folder structure that you have in your regular email. 

·         If you only archive certain folders, only those folders will appear in the archive.

·         The example shows my entire mailbox being archived.  Folders remain the same (except they’re listed in alphabetical order in the archives.)

·         Messages in the archives can be manipulated the same way a regular message can.  They can be deleted, forwarded, replied to, etc.


What are the downfalls of archiving emails?

·         When you archive email it can be easier to lose or accidentally delete since it is stored as a file on your computer the same way a Word document might be.

·         Unless you store the archive file on the U or M drive, it will only be accessible from the machine to which you saved it.  (If you created your archives on your work machine, you will not be seeing them on your laptop or your phone.)

·         Archiving can be a little confusing at first.  


        To learn how to create an archive, go back to the FAQ page and select the article called "Creating An Archive."

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