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How to change your password

The easiest way to change your password is from a computer on campus.


  •   If you have email on your phone/tablet youmust also change the password stored in your phone/tablet.
  •   If you Use Image Now & WebFOCUS, use your new network password when logging into these systems.
  •   After you change your password and log into myMCC you may see a page that states, “The password had been changed outside the Luminis platform.” Click on the "Start Recovery Session" button and you will be logged in. 
  The password rules are at the bottom of this page. If you run into trouble call the Tech line at 292-TECH (8324), option 3, for help.


Password Change On Campus:

Logon the computer using your username and expired password. 
From the Desktop, Press Ctrl, Alt, & Del. 
Click on the words, “Change a password.” 
Fill in the requested information.

Method if you receive a message, “Must change password at next login.”
In the password field on your MCC computer, fill in your M number with lowercase mcc at the end (ei M00001234mcc).  
Click change password button.
Fill in the requested information.

Password Change Off Campus:

Go to
Next click "I AM AN EMPLOYEE."

Click on the big button that reads “CHANGE YOUR EMPLOYEE NETWORKACCOUNT PASSWORD.”

Then just follow the prompts to change your password.

Password Rules

A Password Must Have:

At least 8 characters and 3 of the four things below:

A lower case English character,

An upper case English character,

A number,

And/or one of these special characters ` ~ ! ^ ( ) _ + - { } | [ ] : " ; ' ? , .

A Password Must Not Have:

Your entire network account name,

Any parts of your name longer than 2 letters,

Any space,

Any of your last 20 passwords,

A non-US keyboard character,

Or any of these special characters  ` = @ # $ % & * \ / < >


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