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1 How do your offerings differ by season? Featured

Depending upon the season offerings at the Campus Center Service Desk may change. Typically, dinner/theatre or Rochester coupon books are offered in the Fall. During the Summer discounted tickets are offered to Darien Lake and Sea Breeze.

2 What are the season offerings of the service desk?

The Campus Center Service Desk and Damon City Bookstore offers Rochester Dining and Entertainment books in the Fall and Winter and discounted local theme park tickets in the Spring and Summer.

3 What does the Service Desk/Damon City Bookstore offer?

Check cashing: Must present a current MCC Photo ID Make check payable to: MCC ASSN., INC. Include: Student ID number, current address and phone number. Limits: Personal check – one per day (NYS bank only) $10.00 minimum, $25.00 maximum-Student (No personal…