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1 How to add to your home page(s)

The new cannot be set as a home page in the usual way. Here are instructions for each browser. The web address will open to the authentication page. In Firefox: Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner…

2 How to create a bookmark to

Unfortunately the new cannot be bookmarked in the usual way. Here are instructions for each browser. In Firefox: If there are no tabs (File, Edit, View, etc...) at the top of Firefox, right click in the grey space where the tabs are and check…

3 How to install Firefox ESR 32 bit

To install to Firefox ESR: Open Firefox and navigate to or search for Firefox ESR and navigate to the page. Click on the “Download Mozilla Firefox ESR” button. On the next page, type “English…

4 Where can I get discounted software/applications?

MCC Employees can purchase certain software packages at an extreme discount. To do this l ogin to myMCC and go to the Tech tab. On the left side in the "Technology Links" box click the link "MCC E-Academy Software Store." Tips: Please note that there is very…

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