2+2 Degree Audit Sheets

The 2+2 Option is a unique dual admission program offered by Monroe Community College and selected four-year institutions. Each 2+2 degree program requires a specific audit sheet for those students enrolled in a 2+2 program, as well as those planning to transfer to one of the selected four-year institutions. These degree audit sheets are essential in planning your academic classes here at MCC and should be reviewed, along with your CAPP compliance, with a Career Center transfer counselor (available in the Career Center, Bldg. 3, Room 108) or an academic advisor (available in the Academic Advisement Center, Bldg. 1, Room 231 or at the Damon City Campus, Academic Advisement Center, Room 4139 or the Student Services Center 5th Floor).

For MCC Program degree audit sheets, please visit the MCC Degree Audits web page.

How to use the 2+2 Degree Audit Sheet: Select your 2+2 degree audit sheet by following the tabs above. You may select your 2+2 degree audit sheet by college or by program.

Print out your 2+2 degree audit sheet by using the "Print Audit Sheet" link/icon on the audit sheet and not the browser’s print button.

How to Generate Your CAPP Compliance:
  1. Go to the MCC Home Page (www.monroecc.edu)
  2. Click on Current Students
  3. Click on Student Records
  4. Sign in to Banner Self Service with you user ID (M#) and PIN#
  5. Click on Student & Financial Aid
  6. Click on Student Records
  7. Click on Degree Evaluation
  8. Select most current Term and submit
  9. Choose:
    “Generate New Evaluation”
    - Click Program button and Click Generate Request
    - Select Detail Requirements and submit

    “What if Analysis” if you want to run a Compliance against a different Major or Program
    - Choose current Entry Term Click Continue
    - Choose the MCC Program. Click Continue
    - Choose Major and Click Submit
    - Click Generate Request
  10. Choose: “Detail Requirements” for a detail listing of required courses, courses that fulfill program requirements, program areas met, and program requirements lacking.
  11. Click Submit and then print

To schedule an appointment with a transfer counselor to review your CAPP compliance, contact the Career Center at 585-292-2248. CN=MCC-Notes01/O=MCC