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Photo of the MCC Residence Halls at night.


The MCC Association, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that provides the necessary financial and management support for many student services. These include the MCC Bookstores, the Child Care Center, the Residence Halls, Athletics, Co-Curricular Programs and campus Food Services.

Located in the Office of Student Life and Leadership Development, the MCC Association, Inc. Business Office handles the daily transactions necessary to ensure efficient operation of the above-listed organizations, as well as the Campus Center Information and Service Desk. The MCC Association, Inc. Board of Directors provides the oversight, guidance and direction for this organization.

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Our Mission

The MCC Association, Inc. is committed to enhancing the quality of student life by actively supporting student co-curricular participation through the prudent management of student life fees. Many of these programs and services are offered by MCC's Office of Student Life and Leadership Development , and together we partner to provide each student with an enriched academic and social environment.

The more involved a student becomes in student life, the more value he/she will receive from these fees. Even students who choose not to participate in campus activities benefit from student fees, which support a student newspaper, radio station and many services available through the Student Service Desk.