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Program Development Protocol

When developing a new or revised course or program or when deactivating a course or program, the basic procedures and processes are the same.

Program Development Protocol

  1. Envisioning and Responding
  2. Investigating - Needs Assessment
  3. Curriculum - Faculty Governance Process
  4. Implementation
  5. Assessment - Program Review - Closing the Loop

Procedures - Steps

  • Gather all relevant information and data
  • Consult with appropriate internal and external resource persons
  • Complete and submit curriculum proposal forms
  • Provide summary of course or programmatic goals and objectives
  • Explain how the curriculum meets the Strategic Plan and/or College Mission
  • Define student learning outcomes
  • Identify program review cycle (initial date, assessment cycle)

Process - Actions

  1. Academic Governance Process (Faculty Senate Resolutions 2.0)
  2. Completed proposal forms reviewed by:
  • Curriculum Office
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Posted for Faculty Review
  • Curriculum Committee vote
    Courses: Vice President approval
    Programs: Same as above and
    • Faculty Senate and Vice President approval
    • President/Board of Trustees vote
    • SUNY approval/SED registration
  • Notification Final approval

When you are ready to proceed, link to the curriculum database or contact the Curriculum Office.