Engineering Science & Physics

Photo of students in the engineering design lab


"The work of engineers has made it possible to communicate by telephone, radio and TV; to travel in space; and to prolong life. Future accomplishments could be increased energy supplies; computers with artificial intelligence and a manned space station. Often the work of engineers is the link between a scientific discovery and its application."
     --Occupational Outlook Handbook U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, p. 64, 1994-95.

MCC's Engineering Science program has a rigorous academic curriculum. It is a transfer program that prepares students who plan on attending a four year institution for a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Engineering science is the study of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and basic engineering subjects directed toward the development of problem analysis and solution. The degree awarded here at MCC is the Associates of Science (A.S.).

To date, program graduates have transferred to over thirty different four-year institutions in New York State and nationally. Popular with the graduates have been R.I.T., SUNY Buffalo, Clarkson, R.P.I., Cornell, SUNY Binghamton, Syracuse, and University of Rochester, many of which participate in MCC's 2+2 program.

The programs they entered were: Electrical engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, computer engineering, civil engineering, physics, and chemical engineering. Aerospace and optical engineering are other alternatives.

MCC's Engineering Science program also contains many opportunities for students to make advancements outside of the classroom by joining our Engineering Leadership Club, or competing against other engineering schools in state and national contests.