Program Information

A.A.S. Degree - Career Program

Department:Engineering Technologies

School(s): Applied Sciences & Technologies

CIP Code: 15.0805
MCC Program Code: MT01
NYSED Code (BRI): 01244
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The Mechanical Technology Program introduces the student to the principles, materials, and equipment of mechanical technology. Emphasis is placed on drafting, design, and an understanding of basic machine components.
Graduates of the program find employment as drafter, engineering assistants, technicians, and technical salespersons.
(Housed in the Engineering Technologies Department)

Program Learning Outcomes
1) Sketch design ideas and concepts by hand using proper scaling and perspective
2) Generate complete and fully dimensioned orthographic projection drawings to proper standards (i.e. ASME Y14.5, ISO)
3) Create solid model CAD files with the requisite design intent built-in
4) Use measurement tools to inspect and record dimensions of parts
5) Analyze data to objectively make technical decisions using basic statistical analysis
6) Apply fundamental technical calculations required to determine forces and stresses within mechanical systems
7) Apply knowledge of material properties and manufacturing processes to appropriate decision-making
8) Use industry standard computer applications (MS Excel, MathCAD, SolidWorks, etc.) for design, analysis or technical decision making
9) Discuss knowledgeably subject matter related to technical fields other than Mechanical Tech
10) Communicate effectively in various modes
11) Demonstrate a professional attitude, which includes such behaviors as punctuality, attendance, reliability, neatness and organization

Employment Potential
For related jobs: Career Coach
Occupational Resource:

Requirements for Program Entrance
Intermediate Algebra with Trigonometry (or Math 104 at MCC).

Distribution Requirements

Credit Hours
FIRST SEMESTER: 17 Credit Hours
ENG 101 College Composition OR
ENG 200 Advanced Composition
MTH 140 Technical Mathematics I* OR MTH 165 College Algebra or higher3
MET 101 Technical Graphics3
MET 103 Manufacturing Processes I2
OPT 135 Measurement and Analysis4
TEK 101 Computer Applications for Technicians2
SECOND SEMESTER: 14 Credit Hours
MTH 141 Technical Mathematics II* OR MTH 175 Precalculus Mathematics with Analytical Geometry or higher3
PHY 131 Applied Physics I OR PHY 145 College Physics I OR PHY 154 General Physics I OR PHY 161 University Physics I4
MET 121 Computer Aided Drafting/Design I3
MET 203 Technical Mechanics, Statics3
THIRD SEMESTER: 17 Credit Hours
ENG 251 Technical Writing3
ELT 130 Basic Electricity and Electronics OR ELT 121 AC/DC Circuit Analysis3
MET 206 Engineering Materials 3
MET 225 Machine Design Theory I3
PHY 132 Applied Physics II OR PHY 146 College Physics II OR PHY 155 General Physics II OR PHY 261 University Physics II4
FOURTH SEMESTER: 15 Credit Hours
CIT 204 Strength of Materials3
MET 208 Technical Mechanics, Dynamics3
MET 226 Machine Design Theory II 3

* Students not proficient in algebra or trigonometry should take MTH 135 preferably in Summer Session prior to starting Mechanical Technology. Students with excellent high school math records may wish to select a more advanced math program following consultation with the Mathematics Department.
** Technical Elective: Any course in CIT, ELT, MET, OPT or ENR 153, ENR 157, ENR 161, ENR 259 or see department chairperson for a substitution waiver.