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Authorized Reduced Course Load

International Students must NOT drop below a full course of study after classes have begun without prior authorization from the International Student Counselor.

"Full- time" means 12 credits per semester. A student who is authorized for a reduced course load must enroll in least 6 credit hours.

Acceptable reasons for reduced credit load

  • Students who experience academic difficulties (for example: unfamiliarity with American teaching methods or English language difficulties). A student is allowed to drop below a full-time for academic difficulties only once during their degree program.

    • Documentation from the academic advisor is required.

  • Students in their final semester of study need only to register for the credit hours required to complete the degree.

    • Documentation from the faculty advisor is required.

  • Students who have a medical problem can reduce their credit load or take the semester off.

    • Documentation from a licensed medical doctor or psychologist is required.

Remember: Only the International Student Counselor has the authority to authorize a reduced credit load! This approval must be obtained before dropping below full-time status.