Fall 2016 Kudos

Nominated by students:

Professor Thomas Heidt

As an older returning student it is difficult to "catch up" to the younger students when you've either never been to college or have not been in college for many years. Professor Heidt makes everyone feel comfortable to ask questions and interact in class. He always makes sure everyone is understanding what is being taught and has repeatedly offered his office hours for anyone needing help over the course of the semester. He has never made anyone feel that he is "just doing his job for his pay. Professor Heidt has done nothing but encourage me and others to succeed. I honestly feel like he likes his profession and enjoys teaching the students. Even with his new born daughter at the start of the semester, Professor Heidt never wavered in the giving of his time to his students though I know he was probably exhausted. I guess what I want people to know most about him, is he encourages, challenges and enables students to not only "do" math, but like math and goes above and beyond to help his students succeed.

Dr. Phil Woods

Professor Woods has made a huge impression on me. His class is structured and fun. You leave thinking, “I now know I can and will do it.” The discussions are thought provoking. You feel like you need to study more!  And despite cultural diversity, we all feel welcome. This professor is a very caring person.

Professor Sherry Tshibangu

She comes to class everyday with so much enthusiasm, that you have no choice but to smile if you’re feeling bad, or if you’re having a rough day. Also her teaching methods in our Supervisory class is on top because she enlightens us every day in regards to those of us who want to be managers. Also she makes you feel important even if you have any type of learning disability, she doesn't make it known to the class, she helps everyone.

Nominated by faculty and staff:

Professor Meghan Glaser

Meghan is a tireless advocate for students. Her work with MCC's high school partnerships and college readiness initiatives shows dedication and initiative, and she never hesitates to help when she sees a student need. She advocates for student growth and development not only in her classroom and her advisees, but also in working with RCSD alumni mentors and high school seniors looking for a path to success. As a colleague she is considerate and compassionate, available and encouraging. I feel lucky to work with her and confident our students are more successful based on her advocacy, teaching, and support.

Professor Glaser is remarkable for many reasons.  She meets students where they are and helps them get to where they need to be by honoring and valuing each person's unique contributions to the class's collective learning.  She welcomes everyone into her classroom, accepting in all who ask for a green slip even if the class is already overfull.  Students want to be in her class for more than the great learning environment she creates for them.  She is organized and provides course calendars to help students stay on top of their assignments and due dates. She is creative and brings in hands on learning activities that add interest and variety to all her lessons.  Professor Glaser is an expert questioner and draws the information out of her students instead of spoon-feeding it to them.  She is responsive to students' needs, assesses their learning, and revises accordingly.  The students she has in her classes come back to see her for several semesters after they leave, because they know they will always have a dedicated educator and student advocate on their side.        

Professor Deneen Rhode
Health and Physical Education

Deneen is an Assistant Professor for the Health Studies Program within the Health and PE department.  Deneen is doing wonderful things for students with her teaching.  Deneen is meticulous when it comes to curriculum development and continually revising her coursework to be effective and engaging for her students.  Deneen completed extensive training regarding health and wellness coaching and has worked hard to incorporate that training into her HED210, Integrative Health, course.  She has worked diligently with our ETS faculty to utilize the most innovative technology for implementing this course online allowing students to demonstrate motivational interviewing and health coaching skills effectively in an online format.  Deneen has also recently created the Global Health and Culture course (HEG215), and had it approved as SUNY Gen Ed.  She had to do much research and leg work, as this was the first health course to be approved as SUNY Gen Ed. This is a very beneficial course for students, not only with the learning that takes place, but as a great transfer course. 

Professor Penny Sayles
Health and Physical Education

Penny Sayles is an Associate Professor for the Health Studies Program in the HPE department.  Penny is doing amazing things for MCC students.  Penny is routinely working to improve her courses, both online and in the classroom.  She pays particular attention to student engagement, learning and assessment. She also serves as a faculty liaison for dual enrollment courses and ensures that the dual enrollment faculty and students are in optimal alignment with MCC coursework.  Penny has most recently had her HED130 course (Foundations in Personal Health and Wellness) approved as an Honors course.  Penny attends multiple professional development trainings to enhance her teaching and is involved with various committees.  She also has a passion for student advisement.  She is diligent about making contact with students and making sure they get advised and registered for courses that move them toward their career goals.

Professor Tokeya Graham

Professor Graham is an educator in every sense of the word. In the classroom, she inspires and elevates her students with relevant and important literature and helps them find their own voices through creative and critical source-based writing. She brings her love of, and dedication to the community into her teaching on a daily basis with Service Learning and curriculum content that is meaningful to her students' daily lives. In addition, Tokeya is a supportive and evocative colleague who regularly takes the time to get to know those around her at MCC and investigates and explores the work her colleagues are engaged in to better understand, support, and communicate. Professor Graham is an inspiration as a teacher and as a quality human being.

Professor Michael Anthony

I would like to nominate Dr. Michael Anthony for Kudos.  Mike, recently promoted to Adjunct Professor, is known for his unique demonstrations for Bio 133/132 classes…one of my favorites is the Spinal Reflex he constructs, using different colored apples and straws for the different neurons and axons!  Hard to forget a concept when it is presented in such graphic form!  And, he willingly shares his demos with the rest of us to use if we want to!  Very creative and memorable!