Summer Institutes

The Teaching & Creativity Center began the course redesign institute program in the summer of 2014. Institutes include a multi-day, intensive coaching program where faculty members collaborate to redesign their courses.  Each Institute has a specific focus and past institutes have focused on active learning and learning communities.  Following the summer program, participants continue to work together throughout the fall semester to support each other through implementation.  

Below are a few comments from past participants.

  • "I just loved all the hands on approaches to EVERYTHING that we were learning. It is one thing to hear about some new technique and a completely different experience to actually go through the technique thus making it your own."  
  • "The institute was very well put together and I highly recommend this to any colleagues interested in bettering themselves and making themselves stronger educators."
  • "I have been teaching this course for over 15 years, meeting the same challenges. This Institute has inspired me to think differently and refocus my teaching."
  • "This has been a very tiring but awesome week! I want to thank everyone who pushed my limits and made me leave my comfort zone. The workshops were great and now I have a lot of tools that I can bring into the classroom. I have found new ways to make my course engaging and hopefully help my students become more successful."

Below are interviews with past participants.
Meghan Glaser


High Impact Practices Institute

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STEM/Applied STEM Institute

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Learning Communities Project

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