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Holocaust Survivor Warren Heilbronner to Speak at MCC on Tuesday, Oct. 8

Hearing a Holocaust survivor share his story in person makes history real.

On Tuesday, October 8, Warren Heilbronner, a child survivor of the Holocaust, will return to MCC to share his powerful story with students and employees. Please join the members of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Project in welcoming Warren to campus.

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Warren Heilbronner
3:30 - 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Brighton Room, Flynn Campus Center (3-217)

Warren Heilbronner was a young child living comfortably with his parents and brother in Stuttgart, Germany until Kristallnacht, when the Gestapo took his father and grandfather to Dachau. The only way out of Dachau was to get an exit Visa and the only way to get that was to have a sponsor in another country. Warren's uncle in the U.S. became their sponsor but the family had to overcome many obstacles, including officials who blackmailed them for money they didn't have. Then, when they finally got the necessary papers, they learned their sponsor had died and they had to bluff the U.S. consulate into believing they still had a living sponsor. They settled in Perry, New York where his father could find work in a textile factory. As a family from Germany, moving to a rural area on the eve of World War II, the Heilbronners continued to experience discrimination. Warren's early experience with how a free society can become a dictatorship had a deep impact on his life and he became a lawyer and settled in Rochester, N.Y.

Sponsored by the HGHRP, this event is open to the college community.

Oriel, Jodi
Office of Student Life & Leadership Dev.