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Middle States:  Did You Know ...?

MCC is in the process of achieving reaccreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Led by Community College of Allegheny County President Dr. Quintin Bullock (formerly DCC executive dean), evaluation team members will visit MCC March 13-16 to follow up on MCC’s self-study report and assess MCC’s compliance with accreditation standards. When the Middle States team visits, they will engage in conversations (scheduled or through chance encounters) with any number of individuals across campus about MCC. Our weekly “Did You Know” column aims to help you better understand MCC’s reaccreditation process and to become more aware of the contents of the self-study report. To read MCC’s self-study report, go to ""

Did you know ... the Monroe Community College Association (MCCA) was created as a separate, not for profit, membership corporation in October 1962 to advance and promote co-curricular programs and auxiliary services that support student success?

A Board of Directors consisting of students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the College governs the MCCA. The funding for the Association is derived from student life fees, funds from the operation of the college bookstores, revenue from food service vendors, and room and board from the residence halls. The MCCA provides funding for student auxiliary services such as operation of the residence halls, day care center, and shuttle bus service. In addition, it provides financial resources to support student co-curricular activities (guest speakers, cultural events, clubs and organizations, and athletic teams).

--Pat Bates and Bob Cunningham (Standard 3:  Institutional Resources)

Did you know … the College has a Policy manual that contains the policies of the MCC Board of Trustees?

To ensure that these policies are accessible to the College community, the College has developed a Policy website with links to Board policies and related procedures. The website has current and updated policies that reflect the College’s institutional practices. College-wide policies are vetted through the Shared Governance group. As appropriate, policies are also shared with our Union partners for their input. The Board of Trustees has the final review and approval of College-wide policies. Click <""> here to visit the Policy website

-- Sheila Strong and Christy Fogal (Standard 4:  Leadership and Governance)

Bill Dunning and Holly Preische
Middle States