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Follow-up to Lockdown Drill

Since last week's lockdown drill incident at the Brighton Campus, we have identified and begun implementing a number of steps that MCC must take to assure that future drills are communicated appropriately. We understand how the miscommunication affected students, employees and their families. Chief Perez is meeting with student leaders and employees to hear concerns and ideas for improvement. We are committed to addressing the cause of the incident and ensuring that future drills are clearly identified.

The College conducts drills to develop and assess preparedness, and learn additional ways to address campus safety and security. Based on lessons learned and in the context of recent tragic incidents across the country, the Public Safety Department is taking these steps in addition to regular safety drills, ongoing training opportunities offered to the College community, and more frequent communications on safety tools and processes:

  • MCC will create an easily understood checklist identifying the steps to take in a lockdown situation. Beginning in summer 2018, these will be distributed in hard copy to employees and students at the beginning of each semester. This checklist will be posted on the employee and student Blackboard portals so that it is available this semester.
  • MCC will assure a laminated cardstock version of this same checklist is secured to an interior wall in each classroom/lab/office suite at all College locations to provide a permanent reference in case of emergency.

In the current climate, the College is prioritizing both communications and resource allocations related to campus safety and security. You will begin to see more reminders about MCC Alert, MCC Guardian, training opportunities, and steps you can take to assure the safety of our learning environment. Public Safety will be more active in engaging employees and students in dialogue about campus safety and security. You will see changes to some classroom doors and locks and other investments in our campus infrastructure.

As a reminder, the Public Safety website is a valuable resource that provides links to sign up for both MCC Alert and MCC Guardian and includes videos that demonstrate how to respond in a lockdown and the "run, hide, fight" protocols. It also offers a "Silent Witness" form for individuals in the College community who suspect criminal activity but feel the need to report anonymously. The most powerful resource we have in prevention is the education and vigilance of our community.

We thank Public Safety and all MCC employees and students for their commitment to assuring a safe and secure learning and working environment at our College.

President Anne M. Kress and Chief of Public Safety Tony Perez

Kress, Anne
President's Office