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Update on Interim President Candidates, Visit Schedule

Dear MCC Community,

Yesterday, MCC was informed that Wayne M. Burton, Ed.D. is unable to interview for the MCC interim president position due to a recent fall and resulting injury, and is no longer a candidate. This leaves two candidates to be considered for the interim president role: Cynthia E. Azari, Ed.D. and Katherine P. Douglas, Ed.D.

A concern was raised regarding Dr. Azari's candidacy for the interim president role. This concern is based on the fact that she was placed on a paid administrative leave in spring 2019 at Oxnard College in California. We have investigated this concern with both The Registry and Dr. Azari and have determined that this fact should not disqualify her as a candidate. Dr. Azari is prepared to answer any questions that the College community may have regarding that situation; however, she would prefer to focus on her professional accomplishments and her more than 35 years of experience in higher education.

The attached visit schedule is updated to reflect the two candidates. We continue to encourage all members of the College community to attend the planned events. The following information is available on the Interim President Selection web page:

  • Candidates' statements and resumes
  • Candidates' visit schedule
  • Interim president job description and expectations

Links to feedback surveys will be posted by early next week. We look forward to receiving your feedback regarding the candidates by noon Thursday, December 12.

Thank you.​

Barbara P. Lovenheim, Ph.D.
Chair, MCC Board of Trustees

Allen K. Williams
Trustee, MCC Board of Trustees

Attached Files:
Revised 2 Interim President Candidates Campus Visit Schedule 120619.pdf

Lovenheim, Barbara
MCC Board of Trustees