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2018 Scholars' Day Reminder

As you head into winter break, remember that Scholars' Day 2018 applications are due by the end of February.

See our website for details. The application page is the "Apply Now" link in the navigation column.

Scholars' Day 2018 will feature a conference of student and faculty presentations (April 14 at the Brighton Campus, and April 11 at the Downtown Campus), and a keynote address by Jessica Jackley and Reza Aslan on April 16.

Scholars' Day is open to submissions from all disciplines, from the arts to the hard sciences. The common thread among presentation topics is scholarly research, which incorporates published literature. Projects suitable for Scholars' Day may include: analyses of existing works of art, literature, science, or technology; creations of new methods of doing something related to topics studied at MCC; or the actual collection and analysis of data pertaining to a research question. Presentation format options include classroom presentations by individuals or groups, poster presentation, and commentated performances.

We know that there is a lot of excellent scholarly work being done at our college, and we encourage students to pursue a presentation at Scholars' Day, and we especially encourage faculty to inspire students to engage in the bit of extra effort needed to take a good idea, perhaps a good class project, and turn it into a Scholars' Day presentation. Being a faculty mentor to a student presenter is an exceptionally rewarding experience.

Students: You'll need a faculty sponsor/mentor, so read our Web pages and don't hesitate to ask your professors.

Faculty: Many thanks to those who have sponsored/mentored students in the past, and we hope to see you again, and for those who haven't we would love to see you get involved.

Ofsowitz, Michael
Scholars' Day Committee