Scholars' Day 2024

Presenter speaking to students about her research.

Scholars' Day at MCC is an event that showcases the work of student researchers and faculty. Scholars' Day celebrates academic excellence while promoting and encouraging scholarship among MCC students, faculty, and staff. Scholars' Day features a conference of undergraduate and faculty presentations and a keynote address.

Scholars' Day events will be held on April 30 though May 1, 2024.

Faculty: If you're interested in supporting Scholars' Day, see our Tips for Faculty. If you're considering sponsoring student scholarship for 2024, refer to the suggestions for promoting student work and the 10 Tips for Scholars' Day Faculty Mentors. If you've been conducting research (e.g., while completing a degree), we invite you to present your work at the 2024 Scholars' Day conference. More information about the event is found on our FAQ page.

Students: More information about the event is found on our FAQ page. For information about effective presentations, see the links at the bottom of the "Apply Now" page as well as the MCC Libraries' Guide on presentations, or the Libraries' guide on posters.

Submit an application to present by following instructions on our "Apply Now" page.